Monday, April 23, 2012

The Eagle Has Landed

Last night we had Teen 1's Eagle Court of Honor. It was fabulous. Teen 1 has worked hard since he was 11. He actually has been done for almost two years, but I insisted that he arrange his own Board of Review. Finally I dialed the number and put the phone up to his ear and told him to speak. Really, I did.
I think it was good that he waited. He appreciated it more, even if he won't admit it.
We have wonderful scout leaders in our ward. Most of them Teen 1 has known since he was two years old. Well, he didn't actually know them then, but they were around. Four of them have been Bishops in our ward or the single's ward. Two of them have been counselor's in our ward's Bishopric. One our ward's Elder's Quorum President. They have all been phenomenal leaders. Those scout leaders sacrifice a lot of time. Their families do as well. And for that we are ever grateful.
Teen 1 has grown a lot over the last 9 years he's been involved in scouting. He has experienced a lot. And he has learned a lot. Don't get me wrong, he's not done yet. But, none of us are ever done growing. We are proud of the awesome young man he is.
Eagle Scout
His Mentor
Teen 1 is the boy on the right's home teacher. I thought it was very cool they could get their Eagle's together.
Very proud parents!
Brotherly Love
Teen 1's friends. Very awesome kids.
The Grandma's
The Cousins. Teen 1 loves his family.
The cousin-twins
Teen 1's cousin-neighbors.
Aunt Vicki
Blondie and Teen1
Sweet Livi
If I'm not around to kick his butt, I can trust these ladies to do it for me and he knows it.

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Sara White said...

Now THAT is a proud parent moment. Way to go Maria. One down, two to go!