Monday, April 30, 2012

Zion National Park

I hate to admit it, but The Greek and I had never been to Zion National Park with each other or our kids until now. I vaguely remember going there as a child with my family. It's funny because although I don't really remember being there, I dream about the place. And now I know why. It's amazing.
We spent our spring break there this year. The weather was a little chilly and rainy, but the day we hiked the canyon it was a perfect sunny spring day. I wouldn't want to be there in the warmer months. I've heard October is an incredible time to visit also because of the fall foliage. But April and May are breathtaking with the lush green leaves and grass and the wildflowers. We did 3 hikes in one day. About 8 miles. I would say two of them were more like walks. Emerald Pools was definitely a good hike. The secret to hiking with kids is feeding them from your backpack all day and saving a Snicker's bar for emergencies. The Kid flew up the mountain side after eating his. The Greek and I couldn't keep up with him.
Our hotel was the best. We stayed at the Desert Pearl Inn in Springdale. It was beautiful in every way. The room was huge and came with a kitchen equipped with a toaster oven, dishwasher, fridge and dishes. Teen 2 wanted to know why there was a little sink next to the toilet. It wasn't a sink and we didn't use it because we're not European enough.
Teen 1 enjoyed the free cologne in the lobby bathroom. I was a confused until he told me, "Yeah I pulled the stick out of the jar and dabbed it on my wrists." It was a reed diffuser.
See, it was an educational trip as well.
The Desert Pearl Inn
Best Family Hotel Room Ever!
Zion National Park
Our first hike of the day was to Weeping Rock.
I'm the King of the World!
Some friends we meet along the river walk.
They spent 15 minutes taking pictures of squirrels.
The beginning of the Emerald Pools hike.
Almost half way there.
The Kid hadn't had his Snickers bar yet.
And we made it!
One of the benefits of going in the spring is lots of waterfalls.
Teen 2
Just like Winnie the Pooh.
We ran into our friends from home, the Richards, while taking these pictures.
We called this, "The Uterus." See I told you it was an educational trip!

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Sara White said...

William is breech! Glad you had a good time. We should think about taking our kids down there. Your hotel did look amazing.