Monday, May 7, 2012

The End of an Era

This year was our last Pinewood Derby. In November we will be done with Cub Scouts! We've loved it, but it feels good to be moving on.
We've never won a Pinewood Derby, but The Kid has done the best of his two brothers. They've all come in first in the individual heats, but have never taken home the big prize. Which is what, by the way? Anyways this year The Kid went out with a bang and had a great time. He won the first several heats, which was very exciting and then came in 4th overall. He was pleased, as were we. We're not very competitive in this family, except when it comes to Monopoly. If there's money involved, even fake money, then watch out.
Anyways, it was probably the best Pinewood Derby we've ever been too. Our ward hired a professional this year and it was all based on the best time, not who won the heat. So there were no complaints coming from the dads. It was quick and efficient.
A Big Shout Out to Uncle Jeff for helping us one last time make a pinewood derby car!

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Sara White said...

I heard one dad was still upset. Glad Max had fun.