Monday, May 14, 2012

Prom 2012

Teen 1 couldn't have been more thrilled to go to Prom this year with his childhood sweetheart. He asked her in the most adorable way ever. Inspired by a gift my best friend gave me years ago, he rewrote the story of Cinderella, replacing this girl as the main character. He then placed it on her bed to read as a bedtime story when she got home. I should have made a copy of it because it was really cute. That kid is so creative.
You may remember this girl from Homecoming. They haven't really stuck to the deal of dating very many other people. But they have remained faithful texters and are probably the cutest couple at school. They have been true to their promise of group dates though. Unfortunately for them their friends don't date that much, so they spend a lot of their time dating with their families around.


Deila Taylor said...

They are so cute -- I love her dress. And I love the group dating. My 16 yr old has not dated much yet, but sure wishes he could. I tell him to ask the kids over and play games, etc. It is nice when they can do group things.

Ria said...

Thanks. We are all about the group dates over here. Hopefully his friends will want to do it more often soon.

Vern said...

Aw, so cute! All of it.