Monday, June 11, 2012

Dumb and Dumber

You know those moments in your life that will forever hang over your head. Those moments where you know you could have done things differently, but you just made a stupid mistake. Well, I've had my fair share of those. But recently I've really topped myself. I keep reminding myself, at least it wasn't something to do with my kids or my husband or myself. It was, however, something to do with my dog. Who I love very much, but I realize by living with her for a year now that she may have a death wish or something.
Anyways, two weeks ago she woke up one morning and threw up a ball. We didn't know she had swallowed a ball in the first place. And it wasn't one of ours. Someone must have thrown it over our fence or she swallowed it when she ran out of the backyard a few days before that. We were happy that she threw it up.
A few days after that we got some foam splash balls as a present from a friend. I told the boys they could play with them only if they didn't let Ruby have them. We were all sitting in the backyard watching them get them wet and beam them at each other on the trampoline. The balls were about the size of a tennis ball or baseball with material covering a foam interior. Before I knew it Ruby found one of them on the lawn and put it in her mouth. I told the boys to get it out of her mouth. She started running. They started running. And then she swallowed it. Right before our eyes, like it was a giant marshmallow. I panicked. Then I thought, she will surely throw it up. Then I googled it. The Internet said to call the vet. So I called the vet. The person answering said I needed to take her to the vet, but they were booked so I needed to take her to the emergency vet. I thought that was stupid because it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon. (I later found out this person was new and should have told us come right in.)
So again I thought, let's see if she'll throw it up tomorrow morning. Tomorrow came and no ball. She was acting like she never swallowed the ball. The next day was Sunday and still no ball. But she acted perfectly normal. Monday came and still no ball. I started getting worried that I had made a huge mistake not rushing her to the vet. Guess what? I had. If you see your dog swallow something whole, you take them to the vet. Because if you don't, they WILL have to remove it surgically. And they did.
Her poor little belly.
But, guess what else they found while they were in there?
A little stuff toy that had gone missing a month or so ago. Remember this?
This is supposedly an "intelligence toy." A log with two little stuffed beavers inside.
So, if Ruby had never swallowed the ball in the first place, we might have not found the little stuffed toy until it was in her intestines causing a lot more damage, even her death. Sorry, but I needed a silver lining. Besides the trauma of this on her little dog body, it cost over $900 for the surgery and x-rays, etc. So who's dumb and who's dumber? Well, I'll leave that for you to decide.

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