Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Vacation

We had a fantastic trip to California last week. It was a last minute plan. We first had reservations to stay at Sequoia for five days, but cancelled those because we have been waiting to see if the London trip would be happening in June. So far, it's not happening. So we decided to pack up and visit The Greek's family in Los Angeles. Here's a few pics of our adventure.
Santa Monica Beach
It was a beautiful day.
This hole only got bigger when we came back on Monday.
It was warm enough for me to go swimming.
Saturday we visited my favorite temple.
Trying to get a pic of me and the temple The Greek and I got married in almost 23 years ago.
Products of our fruitful union.
Sequoia National Park
The traditional picture in front of General Sherman: The biggest tree in the world!
That's one big tree!
The Greek inside of a giant sequoia.
The fire scarred side of General Grant.
I'm wishing for another vacation.

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