Monday, July 16, 2012

Morning Walks with Ruby

I am usually out walking Ruby 3 days a week. The Greek walks her on Saturday. The boys take turns at least 2 days a week. And we all rest on Sunday.
Our favorite walk takes us about 45 minutes. This morning I took the camera along. It was a little bright by 7:30 am, but here's where we love to go in the morning. It's such a beautiful peaceful place, dedicated by an apostle. It's nice and shady. I love to read the headstones, the names of those who have passed away. Some are very old and some are new. I recognize a lot of the last names. I've even found my maiden name there and wondered if we could be related.
You've probably guessed by now that it's the cemetery. Some people might think that's a little creepy, but judging from how many people I meet there each morning walking, running, biking, praying, and visiting loved ones I would tell you it's a well loved place in our community. Here's some pics of some of our favorite spots we've found so far.
Looking east towards the mountains.
Such a well kept cemetery.
We love the shade in the summer.
The light in the morning is spectacular!
One of my favorite headstones.
Looking southwest towards the lake.
This is the sweetest thing I've ever seen.
Ruby loves her morning walks.

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Lisa R.D. said...

I love to walk through the cemetery too!