Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Beginnings

I love starting over again. Do over! Do over! The first day of school always feels like a fresh start to our year even though it's past the middle of the year.
Before school started this year, we sat down as a family and made some goals. Some were personal and some we made as a family. I like goal setting. It keeps me focused. It helps me remember what's really important. And that is my family. There isn't anything more important to me in this world than my family. The goals we set were all goals to strengthen us and draw us closer together.
How are we doing so far? Well, we're trying. And that's all I can ask.
Here's the list, without telling you who wrote what. I put a copy of this on our fridge, so we could be reminded everyday of what we're striving for.
Learn to like my art teacher
Kneel when praying
Have Family Home Evening on Monday Nights
Try to get A's in my classes
Read my scriptures every day
Read the scriptures with my family every morning
Learn new things in physics
Learn how to teach better
Go to Mission Prep every Sunday
Be on time to church
Pass AP tests
Finish my second novel
Attend the temple with The Greek every month

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