Friday, October 5, 2012

They Call Her Love

Ila June 
This is my mom's mom, Ila June. My grandma. Isn't she the most precious girl you've ever seen? I like to think about her like this, even though I never knew her like this. I did know her laugh however. And I know it sounded the same at 18 years of age. I can still hear that little girl giggle.
Ila had the idyllic childhood. She grew up on a farm in Kansas. She loved to tell me stories about picking berries. They'd eat as they picked and would get a stomach ache before they were done.
Ila on the left, her sister Theo Dora on the right.
I guess they picked fruit so much, they had their pictures taken in their work clothes.
Ila lost her sister, Arley Vee, at the very young age of 11. She went to the hospital with an illness and never came home. I think that haunted my poor grandma for the rest of her life. She was deathly afraid of germs, hospitals and dying her entire life.
Arley Vee
My grandma loved her parents dearly. She said they were the nicest people you would ever meet.
Sam and Maude (I think this is their wedding picture.)
Her mother was a midwife and a journalist. She wrote a column for the local newspaper. Her father was a fruit farmer. They both went to college, which I think is exceptional for that time. They also homesteaded land in Colorado early in their marriage. I think it's still in the family. Once they got it they moved back to the Kansas farm. My great-grandfather believed in acquiring land.


Ceci said...

She really was beautiful! :) I loved the first picture in this post. It looks like an old movie star's headshot. :)

Lisa R.D. said...

I love all of these old photos... your grandma was beautiful! It's so neat that you are recording family history here.