Monday, June 3, 2013

Saturday in the Park

Saturday began with The Greek disappearing before I awoke. He arrived back bearing treasures of fresh baked goodies from one of the best bakeries in the Marais neighborhood. After we ate we decided it was time to stand in the never ending line for the Notre Dame bell tower. It took an hour, but it was the only line we had of any significance during our trip thanks to our museum passes and my planning (and maybe Rick Steves). Four hundred steps to the top and I was finally standing where the Hunchback (if he were real) stood. It was my favorite view in Paris and something I did not have the energy for last time I was there. The gargoyles were magnificent and one of my favorite things I saw while in Paris. They are, by the way, not the original gargoyles, but are still fantastic and 200 or so years old.
For lunch we picnicked in St. Martin park in the Marais neighborhood with food from the same bakery we ate from at breakfast. I had Quiche Lorraine and split a strawberry tart with The Greek. The park was small, but beautiful with all the flowers in bloom. I did some "people watching" while we ate. I wish I had pictures, but some things are better to stay exclusive to your memory because they just can't be captured.
That afternoon we took the metro to the Arc de Triomphe and then walked down the Champs Elysees. We stopped at the famous Laduree bakery and tried some macaroons, which we didn't care for, but the shop was adorable. We sat awhile in the park by the Petit Palace. It, of course, was lovely also.
We saw an awesome street dancer. I wish my little town would have street performers. I loved all the talented artist we saw dancing, singing and playing instruments while we were in Paris.
Later that evening we went to the Pompidou museum of modern art. Unfortunately, all the Dali's were in Spain. But, I got to see two Marc Chagall's, which I loved. We didn't spend much time there.
That night we had the BEST salmon for dinner at L'Orangerie right on our island St. Louis. And I tried Tarte Tatin for dessert, it was okay, but basically apple pie.
Me peaking out of our room on the top floor.
The view from Notre Dame's bell tower.
Those fantastic gargoyles.
This is looking over to our island Saint Louis from Notre Dame's bell tower.
Under the Arc de Triomphe looking down the Champs Elysees.
Arc de Triomphe
Laduree Bakery and Tea Shop.
Macaroons, an acquired taste.
Near the Petit and Grand Palaces.

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