Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Paris in the Rain

Tuesday was our first full day in Paris. It was raining most of the day, but Paris in the rain is only more charming than Paris sunny. We were feeling a little jet-lagged, but we're anxious to see the Orsay museum. We bought a museum pass at the Conciergerie. You can find them at many locations, but this was on our way and the line was short. The museum pass is the way to go, it will not only save you money if you plan on visiting a lot of museums, it will also save you time waiting in line at most places. We walked to the Orsay museum this morning, it was a little farther than we thought, but it was nice to walk along the river.
We were lucky enough to arrive in time to eat at the restaurant in the museum, the line wasn't too long. It is a beautiful place to eat, the food is okay.
The Orsay is full of Impressionist paintings. My favorite was a painting by Monet called The Magpie. I had never seen it before or even heard of it. It is a winter scene of a field covered in snow with a fence. On top of the fence is a little bird. It is so different from his other paintings that are usually full of life and flowers. It was very serene.
The Orsay is large, but not as overwhelming as the Louvre. We saw every inch of it and were exhausted in a couple of hours. We should have taken the metro back to our hotel, but we were still a little subway shy. We returned to the island and had some more of our favorite ice cream--Berthillon.
Happy to be back in Paris.
The restaurant inside the Orsay museum.
The Orsay museum, a former train station built in 1898.
Looking out the clock at the top of the Orsay museum, across the river at the Louvre.
This picture was taken from our balcony. The Greek stalked the ice cream line all week.

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