Friday, July 5, 2013

Paris in your Face

After a reasonable overnight flight to Paris, we were feeling really good for not sleeping much. We should have known it wasn't going to be an easy day after we had to stand in line for an hour just to get our passports stamped.
We immediately found an ATM, but it refused to give us any Euros. We tried again, and again, and again. No such luck. 
Luckily we could buy our bus tickets with our VISA card. 
After a comfortable ride into town, we exchanged $20 for about 12 EUROS and proceeded to look for the subway (or metro). Well, we couldn't find the right one. Our directions were fine, it's just that it was hidden behind a tourist stand, so we walked right by it. We realized this later in the week when we visited the Opera house.
Anyways, by the time we found another subway we could have just walked to our hotel.
But that was the least of our problems. After we checked into our hotel, which we could pay for with the VISA, we tried several more ATMs. Finally, I told The Greek, we need to call our bank back home. Long story short, our card was expiring in two days and they had already sent out our new cards, which we never got. They were actually in the mail when we got home. The moral of this story is ALWAYS check your expiration dates before leaving the country (even though we usually get them weeks before they expire) and get your pin number to your VISA so you can use it in the ATM. And don't rely on the stupid guy you talk to at the bank to know what the heck he is doing. We called collect from our hotel room and got the whole thing straightened out in time for dinner at the lovely Cafe Med right by our hotel.
Our hotel, by the way, was a little piece of heaven. And the rest of the trip was a breeze.

Standing on the bridge to St. Louis island looking at the Louvre.
The end of St. Louis island.
Looking out to the river from our room.
Ice Cream, our source of comfort in a foreign land.
Roof top view from our room.
The friendliest restaurant on St. Louis island. They have really good crepes. That's our hotel right next to it.
We got to walk by Notre Dame every day. Doesn't it look beautiful all scrubbed clean?

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