Thursday, August 8, 2013

Brothers in the Gospel

Hey family!

I'm just going to write my family email on here and send it to mom if that's ok.

So first off, Sister B is in my district and she sits right next to me. We already made the connection that she was in my ward and she went to Shelley Elementary with me. Her mom's name is H, if you remember! It was hilarious to find that out a couple days ago. She is really awesome and is going to be a great missionary.

The days are getting pretty normal and I've adjusted to the time zone here. I love it here so much. It feels like home and every day I get to study and laugh with my best friends. The teachers here are all amazing and most of them are from Spain. We get to play soccer almost every day and I must say that I'm getting pretty good.

Today we went to the temple and it is my favorite. It is so beautiful. We get to go to the Real Madrid soccer stadium in about 3 hours. I'm way excited because we get a tour of the trophy room and the whole stadium. Who knows, maybe Ronaldo will be there and me and Elder F WILL give him a Libro de Mormón.

I forgot to mention in my last letter that there are many Elders and Hermanas from different countries in the world. They left a couple days ago for their mission and that was really hard for me and my companion. We became really good friends with 4 foreign elders. Elder S who is from Ukraine and he looks like Daniel Craig from James Bond; Elder A who is from Nantes France and is the funniest guy I have ever met in my life; Elder U who is from Tai Haiti; and Elder V who is from the Cape Verde islands. I love those guys so much. Every night we would sit in the hall and write journals together and have what we call the CCM (MTC) olympics. One handed push ups, handstand push ups, pull ups, and the craziest arm wrestling I have ever seen. Me and Elder F cried pretty hard when they left and so did they! because we probably will never see them again until we meet in heaven. Elder V is really small but acts like he is the biggest guy in the world. He is so funny and before he left he said,"Remember Da V"and I sure will.

We've had a lot of new missionaries from the Provo MTC come here and it is awesome having them here! I met the missionary that Jen and Ed Huber were telling me about, he is an awesome guy! We had two new elders from Provo come into our district yesterday and they are way cool. I NEVER knew that I would have this much fun on a mission. I have laughed harder here than ever before in my life. We are like a family and Elder F is like my brother. I love them all. Every day I have the opportunity to feel the spirit so strongly. It is amazing.

Last week we went to the center of Madrid. The main city. It was crazy! Palaces and huge cathedrals everywhere! There are a ton of street performers and beggars, it's insane. My Spanish is coming along SO well. I am able to understand almost everything people say to me and the language is already starting to flow. I bore my testimony to our practice investigators yesterday and the spirit was so strong.

Keep telling people: Letters letters letters, pictures pictures pictures PLEASE! I love and miss you all. I'll hurry and upload some pictures. If it will work...

The Missionary

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