Monday, August 19, 2013

I Love You Man

The Greek and Ria
What makes a marriage last 24 years?
A lot of unselfishness.
A lot of apologies.
A lot of humility.
And lots of, "I love you man's (or woman)."
I told my aunt years ago at my bridal shower I knew our marriage would last because I was marrying my best friend. She kind of smirked at that. And I find myself rolling my eyes these days when I hear that because now I know.
You see it's fun to be married to your best friend and when your kids are grown and gone, it probably is really essential to be married to someone you can have fun with and laugh with and have lots in common with. But before that happens there are a whole lot more important things that you need to last 24 years.
Like patience, forgiveness, and understanding that you didn't marry a perfect person. That you aren't a perfect person. That we all are works in progress.
Looking back over the years the most important thing that we have had that has kept us heading down the same path in life and pointed towards the same goals is our faith in Jesus Christ. The thing I love the most about The Greek is his rock solid belief in his Savior. That has blessed us and kept us going through all the fiery darts that have showered down on us from time to time.
The next most important thing you can have is an absolute sense of humor about almost everything. If you can't laugh at the stupid stuff, then you are in trouble.

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