Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oh The Places They'll Go

Spain Madrid Temple

I don't know who's glasses those are...
Hello Everybody,

This is my last P-Day at the MTC today. Only have 5 more days here. It is absolutely crazy how fast the time flies by. Family, I got that package yesterday, thank you so much!

We taught our last lessons with our investigators yesterday. Everything is winding down and we are getting ready to leave. Our final soccer game is against the teachers on Saturday. The world cup. This one is for everything. We are making a tin foil trophy and we are going to give it to the winning team at the talent show this Sunday. So excited. I actually get some playing time now because I have gotten pretty good. I love my new shoes I got too! We went to the mall last Thursday, it was huge. We got ties, shoes, and a bunch of supplies. We also went to McDonalds, so much better than in the states. It was a lot of fun.

My park experience on Saturday was absolutely amazing. I was with Elder W who is also from Pleasant Grove. I joked in our testimony meeting that he is one of the three Nephites because he is an incredible missionary. We went to the park and for an 1 hour and a half there wasn’t a minute where we weren’t talking to somebody. We talked to everyone. We didn’t have too much luck though... We encountered 4 atheists, and what the other missionaries have been calling the “bible lady” of the park. She throws out so much doctrine and she definitely knows her stuff. She would not let us talk though so we just had to say we are sorry and walk away! We also met a guy from England who had so many questions for us. He approached us and said he actually wanted to know more about our church. We talked about Adam and Eve and the Creation. Also about our pre-mortal existence and Jesus Christ. Then things started to get weird, he was asking about resurrection and dinosaurs. He said, “Since you guys believe in resurrection, say a cocker spaniel was resurrected, would he still be a cocker spaniel? Or would he be a horse or something. I don´t think that dog would be too happy about that.” It was weird, but he was really nice to us. We had an interesting conversation.

Leaving the park we had no measurable success but we were still happy and still had faith in Jesus Christ. We knew that if it is the Lord’s will we would find someone that day. So we didn’t let our experience at the park destroy our faith. On the way home on the metro we saw a man sitting across from us. He was looking at his phone and I noticed he had a “Red Hot Chili Peppers” shirt on. That’s what I”m talking about. I knew I was meant to talk to him. My companion tried to say hello, but the man just kept looking at his phone and ignoring him. I went up and started talking about that band on his shirt. He looked up at me and smiled. He was so excited to talk to me about it and so was I! I miss music so much! We talked and laughed and then the conversation swayed into the gospel because he asked me about my name tag. I told him we were missionaries. We shared a message with him about families and how God loves us and we are his children. He loved it. We introduced the BOM and he took it and we got a referral from him. While talking to him we missed our stop. We hopped off 3 stops later and went to get on the metro to go back to the MTC. Elder S from Spanish Fork and Elder S from South Dakota had also missed their stop too because they were talking to someone. We got onto the train and said, “Ok, you Elders go get them and we’ll get them.” We started talking to two ladies who were catholic and they loved what we had to say! They took a Book of Mormon as well! We missed our stop again though... So we got out, with the other two elders because they missed the stop too, and got back on the metro to go back. We sat with a man who spoke French, Italian, Spanish, and English. He was so nice. Luckily he was getting off on our stop or we probably would have missed it again! He took a BOM and we became really good friends. I love all of them. I know that we had that success because we kept our faith strong in the Lord. We left it in his hands, did as much work as we could, and the Lord truly blessed us and those people who heard our message.

I love missionary work and I can not wait to get into the field. These next couple of days will be very emotional because it will be sad leaving my best friends, but also exciting to get out into the field.

I love you all. Thank you for supporting me.

The Missionary

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