Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tender Mercies

Hola Familia,

A lot has happened this week. I’m starting to write things down so that I can remember everything. Saturday in the park (I think it was the fourth of July) I didn’t have much luck. Hope you all liked that Chicago reference though. I’m still singing songs from home everyday! When we take showers after fútbol, all the elders harmonize and sing christmas carols. We’re pretty good, and we love to sing My Girl by the Temptations. We’re one big family here! That’s one of the amazing things about the Spain MTC, all the Elders and Hermanas are so close as well as with the teachers.

Last week we went to Prado, I can’t remember if I told you all about it in my last email. But it is huge! A lot of naked stuff. I liked a lot of Picasso’s work, it was really interesting. It felt like walking around in a sea of symbolism. So we left a little early. We couldn’t handle it for too long! We walked for a while searching for some burgers and we found THE Burger King. I say that because it was the best Burger King I’ve had in my entire life. Or maybe I’ve just been craving American food so it tasted really good.

On Saturday we had our World Cup Fútbol championship. It was amazing. Seven of the best teachers (all of them are incredible) on one team, and seven of the best elders on the other team. I was the coach. I love my team, it got really intense. My companion is amazing at soccer and he scored a few goals. We lost by 1 point but this Saturday we will win, I’m pretty confident.

There’s an elder in our room who snores really loud and says some weird stuff in his sleep. So me and my companion for the last few days have been having sleepovers in a different room with Elder B and Elder F. Elder F is the nicest kid alive. While we’re gone he makes our beds every night! And not just any normally made bed, but like mom material bed making. It’s unreal. We had to go back to our room though because all of the native speaking elders arrived the other day. The rooms are packed again. Elder F still makes our beds even though we are in another room! I love that guy.

We were riding the metro the other day and I met a guy from Madrid. He told me he was a member and he loves living close to the Temple. He told me that he is an opera singer. We had a really nice conversation for probably 30 minutes as we rode the metro and walked back to the Temple. Now take in mind that this conversation is all in Spanish. The gift of tongues is real, I can testify of that. I can not believe that I can already understand and converse with native spanish speakers. I am truly blessed by the Lord.

Ok everybody, with this next story nobody freak out because the ending of the story everything works out and I am perfectly fine. Saturday night I was working out and doing push ups, right after I finished the push ups I had a sharp pain in the back of my head/top of my neck (Mom and Dad you may remember how I had this once before a while ago, but we never got it checked out). It was the one of the worst pains I had ever felt in my life and it lasted for about an hour. I was out in the hall hunched over next to the couch and almost all the elders were gathered around me. My companion was crying because he felt helpless, it was a really scary moment. They kept asking if they should go get the president or give me a blessing and I kept saying no because I thought it would just go away. It didn’t go away, so Elder F went and got the President’s wife, she came down and talked to me about the pain. (I do not remember much from that night, I’m not sure why, but the elders told me what happened the next day). I do remember the blessing though. I asked Elder F to anoint the oil and I asked my companion to give me the blessing. It was his first, and he was a little choked up. I don’t remember what he said exactly but I remember that when he said AMEN the sharp pain went away immediately. I was still left with a mild pain that kept me up most of the night. The next night the same thing happened and I hadn’t even done any pushups. The next day they took me to a chiropractor. It was amazing! I got a massage on my back and on my neck. After, she told me and one of the teachers that one of the vertebrae towards the top of my neck is not aligned. It is a little bit to the right. Wow. When she told me that my stomach dropped. I got really scared. She said that it is pretty normal though? I have one more session on Monday and she said I should be fine after that. I feel completely ok now though, that visit really helped. Looks like I may be a little overweight when I get back though because no more pushups! Just kidding, not possible, I’ll find ways to keep in shape.

Anyway, I hope that experience didn’t scare anybody too bad back home. It was just an amazing experience for me to see the Lord’s hand in my life. My faith in him never faded throughout that situation. I knew that I would be ok. I am so grateful for Priesthood Power and the worthiness of my best friend, Elder F.

Today we went to the temple for our 5th time! One more time and them I’m off to the field. I only have 13 more days here... It is going to be a very sad day when I leave here. I have made some of the best friends in the world. Literally throughout the world as well. There’s a talent show coming up and I may be singing a duet with Sister B (a sister in my district who used to live in my ward when we were young). I figured I might as well develop my talents and overcome my fears.

Thank you for all of your letters and support. Me and Elder F sure are looking forward to that package of candy! Thank you mom. Hope all is well. Let Max know that I miss him as well and that he can keep that hoodie. As always I will send pictures later in the day.

Love you all,

The Missionary

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