Thursday, August 15, 2013

Things are getting "Real"

Hello!! The weeks keep getting more incredible and I am truly so blessed. Me and Elder F are just dominating out here. We had a pretty normal week, teaching our progressive investigators. I love all the teachers here. It’s amazing how much of a relationship we develop with everyone here. Everybody knows each other and it is a real blessing.

Last week we went to the REAL MADRID soccer stadium. It was amazing and I’ll send some pictures in about an hour. But really though it was unreal. It seats 90,000 people. We got to go into the trophy room, in the locker room, and on the field. What?? Ya I’m on vacation I think. The trophy room was like a mile long, since the early 1900’s. Futbol is definitely a major part of the culture here.

Today we get to go to the second biggest art museum in Europe! I don’t know what it’s called... but I’m way excited. I’ll take plenty of pictures mom don't worry.

I can’t believe Thomas’ farewell is this Sunday! The time is flying by! I only have 20 more days here in the MTC and then I’m off. Tell Thomas I wish I could be there and that I love him! Also.. I’m craving some American candy, my companion’s parents sent him a ton of candy and beef jerky. It’s almost gone.. :) Anyway tell Grandma, Bro. McKenna, and family, THANK YOU FOR THE LETTERS. I love reading them and everyone freaks out when someone gets a letter. I’ve found that it is one of the best feelings in the world.

We took a tour of the Madrid Temple today. We can only do endowments here, so we got to into the sealing room and see the baptismal font. We learned a lot about the symbolism, it truly is amazing. And we all heard that there is a new temple video!? That’s awesome! It won’t get to Spain for another year so enjoy it for me.

I loved reading Jake’s letter last week, thank you for sending it to me and please continue to send them.

We went into the park again last Saturday and we didn’t have too much luck. This old nice looking man cussed us out! It was awesome because it was in perfect English! It was good to hear my native language again, maybe not those words though... we kept our heads up and kept preaching. We met some people from Provo and New York in the park and we talked to them for a while. They were on vacation. On the way back on the metro, me and my companion met this really nice man who was probably in his early 20’s. He said he was going to school in Madrid, we talked to him for a while and then shared a message about how we can live with our families for eternity. He loved it. He was very interested in our church. We gave him the missionaries’ phone number and we had to get off the metro. He entered it into his phone immediately. I love that guy. I’ve notice how much of a love I’ve developed for people I teach as well as everybody! Even our practice investigators at the MTC! I’ve learned a lot about charity and how we need to love everyone, even through hard times.

Yes mom I found the picture book and I love it, also Max’s comic. Thank you for all the letters. And again I will send pictures in an hour or two. I love you all. Buenos Dias!!!

The Missionary

Real Madrid Stadium
Is it "Real"?

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