Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cecret Lake

I had a little bucket list for the summer. I usually update it each season of the year. There are too many things I want to see and do, so I keep a running checklist. Sometimes we run out of time or money, so we put it on the list for the next year. Sometimes I just change my mind.
This year we bought a night in our friends' cabin at the YW auction at our church. It came with dinner prepared by our lovely hostess. She has a beautiful cabin up above Alta ski resort about a mile from Cecret Lake. It looks just like Switzerland. We had a lovely time. It was our first vacation ever without The Missionary. It was a little quiet. We missed his boundless energy, but we're finding our groove without him here for the next two years. We ate dinner, played games, and then watched Rango. That's one trippy movie. I feel asleep during the first half hour of it and then woke up for the last 20 minutes. Things had gotten a little weird. Needless to say, I had nightmares about a rattlesnake biting me over and over again.
The next morning we hiked up to Cecret Lake. It's a pretty easy hike straight up the mountain. When we got to the top The Kid exclaimed, "this is beautiful!" The Kid doesn't usually appreciate nature's beauty, so it must have been impressive. And it was. The lake is so clear that you can see everything in it. It mirrors the surrounding mountains and sky. We looked for salamanders and saw a few small ones. Teen 2 looked for insects for his Biology project. He captured a Cicada and we think a Mayfly. Man it's hard to catch bugs with plastic sandwich bags. We needed a big net.
It was a great little overnight trip.
Cute little guy.
Catching bugs for Biology.
Mirror Image
Someone's missing...
Cecret Lake

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