Friday, September 6, 2013

Let Me Explain

If you're new to reading this blog, you might be a little confused by my profile in the right column of this page. I've tried to keep this blog a little anonymous. And by doing so, I may have confused a few people in the process. I'm sorry for that, but I cannot name my children or my husband or even myself on this blog for some reason. I don't think I could write about them in the same way.

I was raised in a family who used nicknames. We didn't like calling each other by our given names. We do it now, but growing up it just didn't sound right. I don't think that makes us weird, it probably is pretty normal? So you see, it just feels natural.

Over the years, on this blog, I have remained Ria (my childhood nickname) and my husband has always been The Greek, which comes from the fact that his parents are Greek. He was born, by the way, in the good ole U.S. of A.

Our children, however, are a different story. The have grown and evolved with the blog, thus their names keep changing. My oldest started out as The Teen because he was barely a teenager when I started writing the blog. His younger brother, my middle son, was The Tween because he was in between being a kid and a teenager. And my youngest son was The Kid and still is even though he is in those tween years right now.

When The Tween became a teenager, I had to make some changes, so I renamed The Teenager, Teen 1 and The Tween, Teen 2. You know, like Dr. Seuss's annoying lovable characters from The Cat in the Hat. The Kid remained The Kid, I think I covered that already.

Then Teen 1, originally The Teen, left on a mission and was crowned The Missionary. A noble title for the saint he has become. (I can hope, can't I?)

Teen 2, formally known as The Tween, is still Teen 2 because I haven't thought of a new name for him, yet, and because this is getting ridiculous.

So to wrap it up: Ria, me, is still Ria. The Greek is always going to be The Greek. The Teen became Teen 1 when his brother became a teenager along with acne and awkwardness. And then, he (The Teen, Teen 1) morphed into The Missionary when he accepted a higher calling in life. The Tween is now Teen 2 because I like to confuse people on a daily basis and he will remain so until I decide I need to be a little more bi-polar in my writing. And finally, The Kid is still The Kid because he will never grow up and will always live with his mom and dad forever providing us with unconditional love and no puberty moodiness.

Make sense?

Well, sorry. I did my best.

**Disclaimer: I don't call them The Greek, The Teen, The Tween, The Kid, Teen 1 and Teen 2, and The Missionary in our day to day life. They have special names like: Sweetie, Baby, Petey, Monkey, Sunshine (with or without sarcasm), Willis, Willie, Willie Wonka, Willow, Max-a-million, Maximus, Macky, Zacabee, Zackie, Yak, The Spleen, Bubba, Big Baby, Crazy Greek and Spaz. They just call me The Meanest Mom in the World.

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Lisa R.D. said...

You make me laugh :). I haven't been good at reading regularly, but I love it when I take a few minutes to catch up on all that is happening with The Missionary and the rest of your clan. Love your writing and you!