Monday, September 23, 2013

These are the Days to Remember

Hello everybody,

The days keep getting more amazing and the blessings are incredible. We went and visited a younger married couple this week and got to play with their little kid, A. He is so cute and it was definitely a blessing to be able to play around with him. Then they took us out to dinner! We were shocked. 

We bought a present for the birthday of a girl in our ward who isn't a member... yet. We are working on it. We got her a smurf stuffed animal and she loved it! She wrote us a thank you letter in English and for the most part it was pretty correct. Looks like I underestimated my teaching abilities! We've also been watching little parts of movies every night when we have time. Right now it's the Singles Ward 2, it's actually pretty good.

We blessed our piso this week because it is brand new and we forgot to and because of other things as well. I had the opportunity to do the blessing and it was a cool experience. 

We got haircuts... They are sick! Holy cow I love European haircuts. The sides of my head are shaved and I have a little flow on top. I'll send some pictures. Our investigator F cuts our hair. It's an awesome barber shop experience with his crazy mom there and all.

San Mateo is nuts. It's a fiesta here. Once a year they have 15 days of just the craziest parties you've ever seen. Everyone is out all night and sleeping all day! We live right next to the futbol stadium and there is a concert there every night. So we get to sleep with some nice relaxing background music. Not really though, the music is pretty crazy. There are a bunch of parades and just tons and tons of people! And drinking! And smoking/weed! We've got a lot of work to do here.

We taught a lesson in the park and this guy walks up and is just smoking his marijuana right next to us. I thought it was pretty funny. We have the craziest experiences. I ate two pieces of pig skin because some of the members promised to make me an apple pie. I still haven't gotten that pie yet...

We were playing futbol and frisbee on Saturday and one of our sister missionaries got hit in the face with the frisbee by her own companion! Her front tooth and the one next to it snapped right in half! It is going to cost 400 euros to fix it, because they have to kill all the nerves and then fix the tooth. She speaks Spanish really funny now. She's alright though. We gave her a blessing and it was my first I have actually given.

I had the most spiritual experience in my mission so far yesterday. Quite possible in my whole life. First off, I challenged E (the investigator I talked about in my last letter) to be baptized. She thought for a second, we let the spirit do its work, and then she said Yes. October 19th will be her baptism and it will be my first. Then on Sunday we had a lesson with her in the apartment of the married couple here, the Hs. We watched the Joseph Smith 30 minute Restoration video with her. After we all bore our testimonies to her. We told her that we know that she will be able to see her uncle (who died when she was young) again after this life and I shared how I know I will be able to see my Grandpa Clarke again as well. She just started crying. Through tears she thanked us and told us she knew that that was true. The spirit was amazing, I have never felt it that strong in my entire life. We were all crying. Me and Elder A had the biggest smiles on our faces. E bore testimony of how much she loves Joseph Smith and our message of happiness. She is so excited for her baptism. She was definitely prepared for us, I know that without a doubt. With faith and obedience, we see miracles in our lives. I can testify of that. 

If any of you can I would recommend to watch the Mormon Message called "The Father" or "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father." I can't remember what it's called exactly. We watched it the other day with a member's family and it was an incredible experience. Also the Mormon Message called "Voluntad de Dios" I don't remember how to say that in English. It is about a current bush and a gardener, by D. Todd Christofferson. We watched that with a family as well and had a testimony meeting after. Many tears that Sunday.

This week I have felt the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life. In every lesson that Sunday I relied completely on the Savior. I witnessed miracles. I knew exactly what to say and so did my companion. Experiencing that makes me overwhelmingly happy because I know that the Lord trusts me. The Spirit of God truly teaches and converts people. It softens hearts and touches the most tender feelings. Missionaries are nothing without the Spirit. In this life we are nothing without God. Alma 26:12. Trust in your Savior. He will then trust us and we will do amazing things in this special time on the earth. The Gospel is true. What else can I say. Become converted to this Gospel over and over again.

I love you all,

Elder Giforos

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