Monday, October 14, 2013

Hamster Killer?

Hola todos,

This week was sick!!
My first transfer ended yesterday. The time is cruising by. Nobody left from our area except for one of the sisters. Her companion will be training a brand new sister missionary. We are really excited to see who she is! It’s like a mystery box.
There was another baptism on Saturday. I got to be a witness! Pretty special, I know, my time will come. The man who was baptized is named B. He has stomach cancer and it is sad to say but I don’t think he has much time left. He is amazing though. He has the most powerful faith I have seen in anyone. Before his cancer he was about 200 pounds of muscle, Spaniard ladies man. Now he weighs under 100 pounds but the girls still love him because of his awesome personality. It was one of my most spiritual experiences to be at his baptism. The next day we fasted and had a testimony meeting at the church. The members are very close, we are all a big family here. It was hard to say goodbye to one of the sisters. I also taught the priesthood class for my first time about members and missionaries working together. I emphasized how we don’t need missionary name tags to be missionaries. Our testimonies are our name tags. The moment we were baptized we become a member of the church of JESUS CHRIST and we need to be spreading this happiness with others. He has trust and confidence in us to help save his children: our brothers and sisters.
Interesting story for you all. So we were at a member’s house, they love us. We had dinner and I shared a message with them. After they wanted me to hold their hamster... I was holding it and I turned, my hand hit the wall and the hamster jumped out of my hands. It fell, hit the ground on its back... limp, tongue sticking out and everything. I thought I killed it. Everyone was freaking out and laughing at the same time. Then it started moving, it’s all good... NO. The next day one of the girls told me that the hamster is dead. I KILLED A MEMBER’S HAMSTER. It has been alive for two years! I killed a grandma hamster. Oh boy.
It’s really different here in Spain. I saw a lady walking her pig the other day. Things are just weird here. But I love it. I’m still teaching English and Piano, working up quite the crowd of people wanting to learn. We go and help the married couple with their technology. So it’s fun being able to use laptops and iPads. I’ve become really good friends with this kid named V. He is from Brazil and he is going to be baptized soon. There are SO many baptisms scheduled in the next little while. We are all very happy.
We had a talent show. It was really fun and hilarious. Elder A and I sang "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" from 17 Miracles at the talent show. It was a really spiritual experience. We also did a few skits from the BOM and a Querido Juan (Dear John) skit. We’re having a lot of fun here and I absolutely love my mission.

Hey everyone! Read the Ensign. It’s pretty cool. I’m a religious Ensign reader now. Love you all.

Sooooo.... That members’ family just texted me and said that the hamster IS ALIVE! They were messing with me. I’m at peace now.

Hasta la proxima semana,

Elder Giforos

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I'm a gangster.

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The Groves 5 said...

If I ever need a big smile and pick-me-up I know where to come! Your cute Elder is such a fun and energetic guy! I love to read his letters each week! -Elder Groves Mom