Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Loving Every Minute of It!

Good Morning Family and Friends,

I’m loving every minute of the mission. This week was the craziest week of my mission. The people here definitely need the Gospel and I’m going to give it to them. We’ve been working hard and looking for new investigators. I’m still teaching English and we are really focusing on strengthening the branch here. There are about 200 baptized members but only about 70 come to church every week! Not a good ratio if you ask me. We are working hard.
The married couple missionaries here are amazing. They are the hardest workers and they do so much for the branch. I’m grateful for them.
We had a funny encounter with a hot hot hot chili. Our investigator W took the first bite, not too bad. Elder A took the second bite, bad. W took the third, inferno. Really bad. I was smart and didn’t take a bite. They were freaking out and stuffing bread and water in their mouths. I was dying laughing.
We hiked up to the Cristo on the mountain the other day. It is a huge statue and it was a very beautiful hike. We took a detour on the way down, we all almost died but me and Elder A saved everyone! Wooo! I’ll send some pictures of that.
E is getting baptized on October 18th! We are crossing our fingers for that date. Also, my first transfer ends next week. We get to head down to Leon for our zone meeting. I’m really excited for that.
We have a less active member that we visit a lot. His name is L and he is from Brazil! He is the nicest guy and he feeds us so much. He always plays us “American” songs on the guitar. Somewhere over the Rainbow, Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, U2, The Eagles, and so much more. Makes me miss all my music! He gave us some Guaraña too, I love that stuff.
I’ve started Jesus the Christ. I’m about 100 pages in and it truly is an amazing book. I would recommend it to everyone reading this. Learning about the life of Christ and his example truly is a blessing to me.
I want to testify that God loves each of us perfectly. If you are reading these words and you think that maybe he doesn’t love you... Stop thinking that right now. With every emotion in my heart, all the knowledge I have obtained in this life, I KNOW without a doubt that God loves and knows each of us perfectly. It is a love that we cannot understand, a relationship and power that we cannot understand. As a representative of Jesus Christ I testify that God really does love his children and whenever we need help or comfort... Kneel down and speak with your Father in Heaven. He loves you. I love you all.

Elder Giforos

The Missionary
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