Monday, October 21, 2013

Sharing the Gospel

October is almost over and we are having a lot of success here in Oviedo. It has been raining quite a bit here and I've gotten soaked through my clothes a couple of times. I love the rain though. This city really is so beautiful and clean. The people on the other hand are a little crazy, but I still love it.
One of my piano students and also my investigator, M, can almost play "I am a Child of God" on the piano. I'm so proud and glad my teaching doesn't suck. I also still have time to practice because the members always ask me to play the piano for them. It is definitely a blessing.
The new sister is from Oregon. She got here on Wednesday. She thinks that her Spanish is terrible, but she is pretty much fluent. She already has a degree in medicine from Stanford and she went to Chile for a few months before her mission. She is 22. It's crazy getting new missionaries up here because we are so close to everyone. It's hard to say goodbye to people. We went to B's house (he is the man with cancer who was baptized last week) to give his mom a blessing. She had surgery and all is well. His little sister, M, is going to be baptized this week. We are really excited for that.
A girl in our branch opened her mission call and she is going to Concepcion, Chile! January 1st. There are actually 3 missionaries here going out soon.
We went to B's again for his birthday party. It was insane. There was a lot of dancing and a lot of missionaries sitting on the wall. We ate SO much food. They wouldn't stop giving it to us.
We hiked up to the Cristo statue again today with some members and all the missionaries in Gijon, Avilles, and Oviedo. Except my companion, he is way sick so he stayed with the married missionary couple. I went on splits up to the Cristo.
This week is the stake conference type of thing, it is in Leon. We get to hear from President Jackson and all the members in the north part of Spain will be there. So excited for that.
Also, we had a lesson with M. He told us that that day he woke up and he knew that this is the true church. Right when he said that my eyes filled with tears. It is amazing the happiness we feel when we share the Gospel with others. When he said he knew this Gospel is true, it confirmed to me again that I am doing my job here. It is a feeling that I really cannot explain. His baptism will be soon.
I love you all. Look up Ether 12:27, it is one of my favorite scriptures.
Elder Giforos

I almost had a heart attack when I saw this.

Fist pump.

Look he's cooking!

On the road to the Cristo.

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