Monday, November 4, 2013

And Now for the Weird Stuff

Family and Amigos,
First off, I loved Will and Max’s costumes! Guess what I got to be for Halloween? A missionary. Ha ha ha. My jokes are getting bad. Anyway, this week was awesome! P is getting baptized this Saturday!!! We are going to have 3 baptisms this Saturday in our branch. The work here is amazing. Europe is nuts though. This has been the craziest week.

Monday we went up to Gijon, which is on the coast, and we played futbol with all of the missionaries and Pres. Jackson. Then we had a ping pong tournament and our interviews with President Jackson after. I love the guy, he is an amazing leader for us. The next day we went back to Gijon for the zone conference with president. We learned about Samuel Smith, the first missionary and Joseph Smith’s brother. Research him! He as well as others baptized 2000 people in 10 months. WOW. We also learned from the book called the Infinite Atonement by some Callister dude. I know that we need to try to understand the Atonement more and more everyday. It is amazing, that example of a perfect love for all men and women.

Thursday was Halloween and we had a huuuuuge party at the church building. The people here know how to dance! I wish I could dance sometimes. It was a lot of fun. I bobbed for apples, I’ll send that picture soon.

Now for the weird stuff:

We saw a drunk, passed out hobo guy in front of a bar the other day... That part is normal here. This is the weird thing--he was naked. Hahahaha! (First haha’s in my letters.) Also, yesterday a member gave us this weird milk drink. I said out loud when I drank it, “What the freak is this!?” My comp was dying laughing. It was nasty. Everybody laughed because it was so bad, the cook was in the other room.

I’ve learned how to make a lot of food here! Crepes, empañadas, arepas, tortas. It’s awesome!

Anyway, a great week. Love you all!

Tell William Happy Birthday on Wednesday for me! 15 man! Woah. I’m old.

Elder Giforos

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