Monday, December 16, 2013

Another Crazy Week

Family and Friends,
I went to Avilles again for companion exchanges. We had a great time contacting people. We went to a members house and taught their less active friend. Then I made them french toast! I've never made french toast, but it turned out dang good. I was surprised. Lets just say I'll be making french toast more often.
In our district we are doing a white elephant. I have to get a present for one of the natives in our district. Not too sure what to get him.... Something to do with soccer, he's obsessed.
I really am so blessed to be in Oviedo. I have decided that it is the richest city in Spain and it is so nice here. I will definitely have to visit after my mission.
I was really excited to get our family Christmas card! I am so excited for Christmas, next week! They have 2 Christmases here, one on the 25th and another in January on the 6th. That one is more popular here. Los tres reyes se llama.
We had a primary program in our branch this week. The kids sang "I am a Child of God" in English. I almost cried, it was really cute. We always joke with the members that the spirit is so strong in their kitchens while they cook something with onions. We are always crying.
I learned how to make Brazilian lemonade, it is sooo good. Something about Spain, probably other places too, they use mayo like ketchup. They put it on everything!
We tried a weird fruit that our investigator gave us. I think it's called Cacki. It looks like a tomato but it's really sweet. I think it's from Peru.
This guy in the street was convinced that we had a prophet named Daniel Smith. He wouldn't believe us that his name was Joseph Smith.
And.... the grand finale of this week.... WE SAW TWO HUGE RATS. Kind of reminded me of Ratatoullie haha.
This morning we hiked up to the Christ Statue again. At 6 in the morning so we could see the sunrise. It was beautiful. I made a parachute out of my blanket up there too. I'll send some pictures. I have a lot to send this week.
Love you all, have a great week and MERRY CHRISTMAS. And a boiled goose for everyone.

Elder Giforos

I believe I can fly?

It's hot!


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The Groves 5 said...

As always... lovin' to read Elder Giforos's adventures! I still laugh about the way he described how the elders pronounced his name over the loud speakers when he went to Madrid for his residency work. (a while back) So funny! He has the cutest personality!

Thanks so much for leaving the comment on Elder Groves blog. Your insight was VERY helpful! I left you a little message on his blog.