Monday, December 30, 2013

First Christmas in Spain

Dear Everyone,
Christmas was awesome over here in Oviedo, Spain. Apparently Christmas Eve is a lot bigger here than Christmas day, everybody goes nuts. This is definitely a party country.
Something cool we got to do was go and sing for some old people! We were a hit. Just kidding it was kind of really bad because we didn't plan too much for it, but I'm sure none of them noticed cause they were probably sleeping. I got to dress up as Santa Clause though, thinking about a future career as him now.
The place we sang was a Catholic hospital or something like that. So there were a whole bunch of nuns there. I was walking down the hall and I saw a nun walking towards me... For some reason the thought popped into my head, "Alright lady, it's either you or me, let's do this." It looked like we were about to get into a street fight. Turns out nuns are really nice ladies! She took me to their Bethlehem display, it was really beautiful. I have a new friend now.
Transfers are coming up a week from today, looks like me and Elder A are going to get split up. We've had a lot of time together, we're sad that it went so quickly. He's really a great guy and friend. We just don't know which of us will go until this Saturday. I'll let you all know though.
Today we went to Covadonga. It's about an hour from Oviedo. There is a really big Cathedral and a little house in a cave in the mountain of where some virgin lived. It was pretty sweet, very old European stuff. We drove a little further up to some lakes and hiked through the mountains. We found snow.... Well it was pretty much ice. We still had a snowball fight though.
Really great week and I'm ready to start the new year. The next chapter of my mission is coming up soon. I love you guys. Thank you for your support and love and prayers and letters and everything.
Elder Giforos

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