Monday, January 13, 2014

Flashback to High School

Dear Everyone,
I'm thinking that I'm going to be in Oviedo my whole mission. Just kidding, I should be off to my next area in February! I wouldn't even mind staying here though, I love the city and all of the members.
We had a really great week this week, I'm area training now and the Veteran of Oviedo. That means frequent phone calls of, "Where's this?" and "Can you take us here?" It's been a fun week running my own tour of Oviedo business haha.

I've been visiting my buddy J here a lot. He is from Venezuela and he served a mission and taught seminary for 8 years. I have learned a lot about Venezuela from him. Especially about the food. 

Ready for another crazy food story?

They brought out some called "Juevos de Medusas"... Hmmm... It's alright though because Medusa means Jelly Fish. We had Jelly Fish eggs! They were so.. so.. not bad actually. Annnnnd we had these at (the Branch) President's house. He always whips out the craziest food. I love that guy.

I was reminded of an experience I had back in high school (which was so long ago haha) the other day. I remember me and all of my buddies went up American Fork Canyon to have a campfire. My friends Mitch and Justin were long boarding down the canyon road, me and Kameron passed them in my car and headed to the campsite. We got there and while we were still in the car, I remember like it was yesterday the feeling that I had. Go back up for Mitch and Justin. Possibly one of the strongest spiritual impressions I've had in my life. I turned around the car and we sped up there. Mitch had crashed pretty hard. He was in pain and got a pretty crazy road rash. We picked him up, patched him up and took him home. Ok, so he didn't die and he wasn't dying but I know that I felt the Spirit telling me to go help him. Even for something small like this, the Lord still uses us and gives us these experiences to help us grow. I'm grateful for this opportunity I had.

We had a miracle yesterday. I called a lady we met in the street and she invited us over to her house. We went, entered, BOOM family of 6 sitting and waiting for us. I have never taught a family like this before in Spain. It is usually always just 1 person or maybe 2 in the visit. But 6? I'm getting a taste of the South American missions now. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong and we were all a little teary eyed thanks to the amazing message of the Restoration. They are from Paraguay. Amazing people, I'm so grateful to God for this miracle in my life.

I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Giforos

Feeling European

Early morning scripture study.

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