Monday, January 20, 2014

Tour Guide

My family and my friends,
I'm loving life. This week I'll hit my 6 month mark of the mission. Not sure if I can believe that or not. I still feel new. But being able to area train this last transfer has made me feel a lot more responsible and more of a better missionary. Elder S is my new comp. It was a little weird switching companions because I had Elder A for so long. We get a long really well and work very efficiently together. We've had a great 2 weeks together this transfer. It's been fun learning about Canada and England these past couple days.
We celebrated Elder B's birthday the other day. We had the best hot chocolate in a little restaurant and I got him a birthday present. I was going to get him Lego's, but I found a Spiderman action figure (not a doll) and had to get him that. He loved it and carries it around everywhere.
We had a great week work wise, seeing as the whole north of the Madrid mission is having sort of a slump. Sometimes I forget how many miracles I see each day. They just become normal. It really is amazing how some days everything just seems to work out perfectly and there is always a purpose for everything we do. We miss a bus: find someone in the street. An appointment fails: someone calls who needs us. Just little things that happen. It's pretty sweet.
I've had the opportunity to give quite a few blessings over the last couple of days. The power of the Priesthood is incredible. You can really feel the Spirit of the Lord when we exercise our responsibilities. I can feel the Love of God because he trusts us with His power to bless His children. We need to always be ready and worthy. I love the Ephraim Hanks' movie where he says, "We are never truly clean, but we must try our best to be." The Priesthood is NEVER for our benefit but for the benefit of others. It is His power used through us to bless o t h e r s. Priesthood Power is used correctly with Humility.
Today for P-day I took the other Elders and Sisters on a tour through the Cathedral and the San Juan La Baptista Church. I'm seriously like a tour guide, I wasn't joking. It was really fun. I love the missionaries here. My buddies.
I have witnessed miracles on my mission. The love of our Heavenly Father is truly amazing. I still cannot understand it and I'm not sure I ever will in this life. I know that He loves us though. Pray to see miracles. I promise you will. They may be small or something very significant but regardless they always come. I can testify of this.
I hope that my English is somewhat readable. It's hard switching back and forth languages haha. I love you all. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day America!!!
Elder Giforos
They used these back in the day to store food, so the rodents couldn't get to it.
"Turn off your TV, turn on your mind."
The "I Don't Know Bar." HaHa!
In the basement of the John the Baptist Church. And these are tombs. Feeling like Indiana Jones again.

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