Monday, February 3, 2014


Hey Everybody,

Tell William that that drawing is amazing! I couldn't even believe it! Nice work buddy, I'm jealous of your skills. And your carpet haha. All I have is my sweet num-chuck skills and boe-staff. (I'm wearing glasses and I have a curly fro.) We'll see if you understand that reference.
Well this week was just great, I can't really complain about anything to be honest. I've truly been blessed. The only thing is all the sea.. food... We'll talk about that later.
The weather here is kind of like Utah. One minute it's sunny the next minute it's cloudy or pouring rain. This last week though has just been rain, rain, and more rain. But yesterday was beautiful. It hailed too! A ton, it was awesome.
We went with the Sisters to our friends' house to make empanadas this week. Venezuelan style. They were really good and we had a great time there. We ended up singing the Brady Bunch theme song with them for some reason. It was fun.
THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT: I found the Gandolfo's of Spain!! It's a little shop that has these huuuuge sandwiches and they are only 1.50 euros. So cheap and way good. It reminded me of the Gandolfo's sandwiches in American Fork.
So while I'm talking about food, Me and my comp found Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, that was a little blessing. Also, ... well we ate Octopus. Not those little ones that I sent pictures of before. I'm talking big, nasty, long octopus tentacles. With those little suction things and everything. I'd like to say that it was good, but it wasn't. We choked it down anyway.
I got in contact with my buddy Jason who is in Japan. He had to learn Japanese sign language in his first area because most of the members were deaf! I can't even imagine, crazy. He's doing really well though. My other friend Collin made it to the field in California, he's doing awesome. 5 of my 8 best friends are out on missions now. I'm so proud of them all and I love those guys.
We taught this guy we found in the street and he turned out to be a miracle for us. He is Muslim but I'm not entirely sure he understands his religion because he was totally cool with the fact that Jesus Christ suffered for our sins and only through him can we receive forgiveness for our sins to return to our Father in Heaven. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he loved it. He's a really great guy and has a crazy life story. He's from Africa and to get here he was on a boat for a long time. He said they scarcely had food and water. He said he went 2 full days without food and water in the hot sun on the ocean. He knows that God saved him for a reason.
After that awesome lesson, we hopped on the bus and I was taking a little off guard. Our bus driver had the most gnarly weird hair I have ever seen. Just picture Michael Bolton's long hair but with a hardcore perm. We're talking poodle status. Crazy.
We went to Gijon the other day for our District Conference. We listened to the words of Elder Ballard live from Salt Lake City. He gave a really awesome talk. It was really nice to see our Mission President and his wife up there. After we got to have our interviews and talk with them. They actually came down to our Church in Oviedo. I love those two so much.
We finally got the Conference Liahona too. YES!!!! Those talks are amazing. So far I've read Elder Uchtdorf's "Come Join With Us" about 4 times. A really inspiring, well given talk. Those Liahona's are seriously like gold for us missionaries.
Well, last week we played Risk (Spanish Version) for P-day and now we are going to play it again with the other Elders. Hahahaha we are nerds I guess. It's so much fun. Especially because we are each from different parts of the world except me and Elder B. Last time England won. Not today.
Tonight we are also going to have a Family Home Evening in the Hunts' house with a bunch of our investigators and recent converts. Annnnd.... I'm making my famous peach cobbler for the first time on my mission. I'm hoping I remember the recipe right... Flour and Baking powder are pretty much the same thing right?

Love you all,
Elder Giforos

The Octopus!
He hates most seafood.
Making Empanadas
This is one of his favorite musicals.

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