Monday, March 31, 2014

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

Well do I have news for you. Transfers happened and both of my companions are being transferred! Elder H left yesterday to go to Madrid. Elder C is heading to our neighboring island, Fuerteventura. A new Elder is coming down today. I'll get to area train him with only 6 weeks here! I'm so excited. Let's just hope I don't get lost. Just kidding. I'm still the District Leader too, it's going to be a great transfer.
We had a great last week together, I'm going to really miss my two companions. We had a very quick 6 weeks together. I can't believe how fast the time is passing by. I don't know anything about my new comp except that he is from Utah. I'll let you know a lot more next week for sure.
A couple of things that happened this week. I trusted Elder C with my hair this last week and let him give me a haircut. He did a really... really good job. I was way surprised. I thought we were going to have to buzz it after. Turns out no!
We've met people from all over the world here. Cruise ships pass in and out of here all the time. Members from different countries always stop us and talk to us. Actually, today we were walking and we heard, "Elders!!!!" We turned around and a family was waving at us. They are members from Italy and they were so nice. Didn't speak much of English or Spanish, so that made it more fun.
We had a ward talent show. The missionaries did the first act. They brought me out like a robot and put me on the piano. The two of them had a remote that controlled me. They switched me to different songs and they ended up fighting over the remote. While they were pushing so many buttons I was playing the fast part of "All of Me" by Jon Schmidt and then I broke down. It was pretty sweet. A lot of crazy talents, it was a good time.
Spent the day today with Elder F and Elder C. My companion is coming in a couple hours and they are leaving tomorrow. It's been fun being with them today and yesterday.
We have been teaching a girl who is completely ready for the Gospel. She recognizes the feelings of the spirit and she knows it's true. We set a baptism date in the first lesson with her. We're looking forward to that at the end of April. She's an amazing person. I have seen so many blessings here in the islands. It's an incredible place.
So here's a funny story. We were contacting in the street and we came across a girl who we stopped and starting talking to. She was really nice and seemed golden. We shortly found out why she was so nice. She asked Elder H and I out on a date. After we said the we just really can't do that, she didn't have much interest in the Gospel. We met a man from Peru right after her though. He's been to Utah and temple square but has never heard our message. How do you go to Temple Square and not have the sister missionaries jumping all over you!?! That's what I would like to know. Anyway, a really cool guy, looking forward to teaching him.
We were also teaching a lady in the street and we decided to finish with a prayer. When we opened our eyes another lady was standing there. So we taught her too. Closed with a prayer, opened our eyes and another lady was there. What?? 3 lessons and we didn't even move a foot! People are seriously prepared here. That was amazing.
Conference is going to be amazing. I cannot wait. Enjoy the weekend!! I love all of you!
Elder Giforos


Shelley Schwenke said...

Hi Ria!
My son, Elder Schwenke, is Elder Giforos' new companion in Lanzorote. It was difficult for him to leave several investigators with baptism dates set in a couple of weeks, but he looks forward to working hard with your son. It was great to find Elder Giforos is friends with my nephew on fb, which led me to your blog. Thank you for sharing. If you are interested in a glimpse of Elder Giforos' newest friend, I post Elder Schwenke's letters and pics on Elder Schwenke received his mission call on graduation day in May and entered the Madrid MTC in October. His "farewell" was on his 19th birthday.
Thanks again for sharing...
Shelley Schwenke
Shelley Schwenke

Ria said...

I'm so glad you found my blog. Thanks for the info about your son's email's on the mission site, I was able to read through them and I look forward to reading more! Elder Giforos is loving Lanzorote. They will be a great companionship.