Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm Happy and then I'm Happy and I'm Always Happy

Good Morning,

I have A LOT of pictures this week. I hope you're all ready.

I love it here so much, I'm just happy and then I'm happy and I'm always happy. It's so great here. I have a surprise too:

So remember my Venezuelan friends in Oviedo? One is a member and the other was our investigator who had a baptism date for right after I left. Well he got baptized on Saturday. I got a call from them and a ton of pictures. He's so happy and excited to be a member. That was the best phone call. I wish I could have been there to see his baptism, but I'm just grateful for the opportunity I had to teach him the Gospel. "The Gospel of Jesus Christ makes FRIENDS forever too."

I realized I haven't told you all a lot of information about Lanzarote. It's basically a big active Volcano. There is a place you can go on the island to cook raw meat on a rock. The heat from underground cooks it. There's a geyser here, all of this is an area on the island called MontaƱas de Fuego. Pretty cool. Another thing I found out is that pretty much every movie with a scene on the moon was filmed here. There have been a lot of movies filmed here on the island. One including Star Wars. The island next to us in my district is called Fuerteventura. They just finished filming a movie called "Exodus" in that island. I don't know if anyone heard of it yet but it should be pretty sweet.

What else?... People ride camels here, there's a special white crab that is only found here. Lots of beaches, huge cliffs (you'll see those in the pictures). Just a really amazing island. The best part are the people though. There are so many amazing people here.

I just found out that M, the guy we baptized in Oviedo, has a visa to be in the U.S. for 5 years. That means I'll see him after my mission. I'm so happy and excited! The Lord has blessed his life in so many ways.

This week we toured the island with the ward mission leader. He took us to some huge cliffs and a cave. We went to KFC too... For the first time on my mission. Actually wasn't too bad. This last week was Carnival week in Arrecife. Crazy crazy crazy. Tons of people and parades throughout the whole city. On the last day they burned a huge giant paper sardine on the beach. Tons of fire. I'm headed for Fuerteventura this week for a split with the other missionaries there. District Leader responsibilities are sweet! I love it. It's been awesome to be able to serve the other missionaries.

A little story, so... one of my companions, Elder H, sadly received a "Dear John" about a week before Elder C and I arrived. He's ok though don't worry, it's all laughs now. Anyway, his girlfriend is engaged now. He had a ton of letters and pictures from her that he wanted to get rid of. So, in the spirit of Carnival we burned them. We went to a members house and burned them all, it was so much fun. Elder H feels better now.

A really great week here on the island. The members are like my family once again like in Oviedo. It's such a blessing to be here with these people. The Gospel is the best! I love you all.

Elder Giforos
My buddy Ray.
The moon is really weird here.
My island

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