Monday, March 24, 2014

Island Hopping

Good Afternoon,
Great week, spent part of it in our neighboring island called Fuerteventura with Elder J and Elder F. I love those guys! The boat trip over there was awesome. I was just chilling on the boat with a bunch of British people, lots of fun. We had a crazy two days. We did some serious work. I don't think I've ever seen anyone teach with so much power and full of the Spirit like Elder F. I sure did learn a lot from him, he's an example to me in many ways. We had the opportunity to teach an 8 year old kid whose mom decided that she would like to give him the opportunity to be baptized as well. She was recently baptized. We taught the little boy about the Word of Wisdom. We were naming the 5 things and this is how our conversation went: Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Cof... Wait Coffee??? Hmmm.... I love warm hot chocolate coffee. We found out that he thought hot chocolate was coffee. Funny stuff.
We had a miracle in finding a less active's house in the middle of nowhere. We talked to him and at first he was a little shut off, but later he really opened up to us. He said the night before he had a dream that 2 strangers would come to his house. He told us that we were them. Amazing guy. He hasn't been to church in 15 years. A huge rock fell on and squished my pinkie toe, it's all good though. No bruises or anything haha. Anyway, a really great comp exchange with my boys in Fuerteventura.
In District Meeting, I had each elder share one of the following experiences from their lives: mission call, first time entering the temple, patriarchal blessing, and baptism. The spirit that we felt while we were sharing with each other was amazing. We may be a small district of 5 but there is some serious power in these missionaries. I love each of them.
There is a member here who is probably the closest you can be to a missionary without being called. She contacts people in the street and then gives us the references! She's an angel! The gospel changed her life and she wants to give that opportunity to others. Seriously an amazing lady.
We saw a dog on the edge of a roof on a huge building the other day. We thought it was going to jump... So we were freaking out. Turned out that the owner saved him or something. Crazy suicidal dogs here.
There's a little kid here who is about 2 years old and he just devours bananas. He loves them! He will grab a banana and bring it to his mom to open them. He seriously goes through 5 huge bananas in like ten minutes. I know what I'm getting him for his birthday for sure.
I gave Elder C a haircut the other day. I was sure I was going to do a terrible job. It was actually a great haircut. Trust me we were all surprised. He's got free haircuts for the next couple transfers now. 
A cool thing here is that on a clear day the sunset is 360 degrees around us. Everywhere you turn there is the sunset color. Really cool. I think it's because we are below the equator or something.
Conference is coming up!! And I'm going to be 19! I really have enjoyed telling people that I'm 18 though. They look shocked every time. Amazing week and I love you all!

Elder Giforos

Taking the boat to Fuerteventura.

Cutting Hair

We make these little shirts and secretly leave them in the members' bathrooms with a note on the back of them.

I taught my English class about my dad.

Suicidal Dog

Duck Dynasty Chia Pet

T-shirt Heaven

Happy Missionary

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