Monday, March 17, 2014

Oh NO, He Found a Drum Set!

So happy St. Patricks, Father's day, and Kameron's birthday everybody.
The partying still hasn't come to a close yet here. That's alright though, it's been fun. We had a great week. And yes, I love everything here. You'll need to get used to hearing me say that I love stuff.

Yesterday we took a bus to a little city called Puerto Del Carmen. Tourist central. We were on a mission though to find a lady we found in the street. She told us that she was baptized a long time ago but hasn't had contact with anyone from the church in 25 years. Yup. So we're looking for her and we come to the street she told us. There's about 12 different doors and we weren't even sure if it was the right street. We knocked on a door that said "Paco" above it. Bingo. The Spirit sure helped us out on that one. I wish I knew how to describe what this place looked like. It was like you were outside but inside... Anyway, a girl let us in, really nice. Turns out the lady we met in the street was working. The family totally loved us though. Her 3 daughters, sister, brother-n-law, and some other old dude live there. We taught a lesson about the Book of Mormon and they loved it. Really interested. It was a miracle for us to find this family.

Something cool about the island right now. There is something here called Kalima at this time of the season. It's when all the sand from the Sahara desert in Africa blows through Lanzarote. It's supposed to get really thick soon. Pretty cool.

There was a birthday party this week. We had a ton of fun with the members. One's name is D and he's a really great guy. He's probably reading this right now on my mom's blog. HEY D!!! haha

Being in a Trio is seriously the best. It's so clumsy and funny, so many weird and hilarious things happen all the time. My comps are great. Love those guys.

There's a talent show coming up in our ward so we've been trying to pull something together. We went to a member's house to practice a little. We played a little Nirvana. Me on drums and the member on guitar. That got my heart racing, so much fun. I've also learned how to play the guitar a little. I've learned a few chords and I can play the beginning of Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson.

I've been doing a little studying about the Sacrament lately and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Isn't it interesting that every Sunday the bread is broken during the meeting. The actual action is done before us. We know that the bread symbolizes the body of Jesus. His actual body was broken for each of us. We take part of this ordinance every Sunday by taking a piece of bread and a cup of water. It is very special and very important. Never take it for granted.

I read the beginning part of my mission call in front of my District during our meeting. My eyes filled and I almost started to cry. My mission means everything to me. I hope you can feel that through my letters.

Elder Giforos
Elder Giforos reminds me of the Muppet Animal when he plays the drums.

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