Monday, March 3, 2014

Sweet Stuff

So this week a lot of sweet stuff happened.
First off, this whole month on the island is what they call "carnival" which is huge crazy parties throughout the island. It's been a little crazy. A lot of funny experiences though. I'll share one of them: We were walking in the street and we saw a little parade of people, a bunch of old guys dressed up playing instruments. A couple of them had these weird hallowed club things and they were slapping everybody's butts with them!! It was hilarious. One guy snuck up on us and got me and my companions. There's a lot of music and parades. It's pretty cool.

We had our mission tour this week. We traveled to the Gran Canaria island to hear from Elder Teixeira from the Seventy. Yes we got to fly on a plane there. It was the smallest plane I have ever been on. And it had those huge propeller things. It was awesome.
We had a funny experience while going through security. We were walking through and Elder H's bag didn't get cleared. They opened it and pulled out a knife.... I thought he was going to go to jail. Turns out it's a letter opener. BUT IT LOOKS LIKE A KNIFE. A medieval knife or something. That scared me so bad, but it turned out to be really funny. The security people were really nice after he explained that it was a letter opener. We climbed up on the plane and they played the song "Endless Love" while we were taking off haha. It was a little bumpy but we made it there. We stayed in the old mission home when the Canaries was its own mission. That place is so nice. They made us sweet pork burritos and we had homemade ice cream. The best night ever. It was fun to see all the missionaries there. We left a little early the next morning with the APs and went to the stake center. The conference was amazing. Here's a few things I learned:

1. The mission is the tithe of your life. What kind of tithe payer do you want to be? Full or partial?
2. At the end of your mission think of the Savior's last couple of weeks or months in His mission.
3. Also about how Ammon suffered from depression and how he overcame it. He just went out and worked hard. That is the best thing to do when we are sad. Serve others. Alma 26: 26-30.

We learned a lot more but those were just the things I wrote down.

We set a really good baptism date with an investigator here. After the next two days we completely lost contact with him. I fasted and prayed that he would show up to church just by a miracle. He didn't though... I was confused but I still had faith that it would work out somehow. It had to work out. Later Elder H had the impression to try calling him 1 more time. So he did, and our investigator answered. We actually saw him 5 minutes later in the street and we had a great lesson about the Book of Mormon with him. God answers prayers. Never in our way but in His way and His time. 

The Gospel is true. I testify of that. If you don't believe me that's ok. You have your agency. Just think of all the people who sacrifice for this church though. Why do they do it? (Read Uchtdorf's talk in the last general conference, "Come Join With Us"). It's not because someone told them the church is true. It's because they have felt for themselves that it is true. If you have doubts I invite you to pray, really pray and ask if it's true. Give everything to the Lord, your creator, and ask him if this is the true church. He will answer you. Just try it.

Anyway, we are splitting our P-day up a little to go tour the island with a member tomorrow. Supposedly it's supposed to get really crazy and nasty in the city tomorrow. So the members are taking us out :) I'm excited.

I love you all,
Elder Giforos

Pan Con Queso

The tallest building on the island.

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