Monday, April 14, 2014

Every Soul is Great in God's Eyes

Buenas Tardes,
Yes it was another amazing week. Actually a lot of miracles this week. A perfect birthday present. The main news is that we set 9 baptism dates with investigators in the last 7 days. The Lord is pouring out His blessings here on the island. We are working so hard and we are happy happy happy.
I've had and will have opportunities to do Baptism Interviews with a few people. It's an amazing experience to see the Gospel completely change people lives and the happiness that it brings them. Service really does help us to feel the pure love of Christ. I have learned for myself that Every soul is great in God's eyes. Every soul has worth and we all have the opportunity to receive the greatest of God's gifts: Eternal Life and Exaltation. This life is so important to His plan.
My birthday was perfect. I'm a real missionary now, 19 years old. I abused the opportunity of telling everyone I could that I was 18 before my birthday. I loved their reactions. It's a great time in life to be serving the Lord.
We had a huge cake with some members and some awesome Colombian food for lunch. I'm still surprised no one got me with an egg or a cake to the face. That's a "tradition" for a lot of the members here. I lucked out for sure.
There are a lot of different churches here. Just the other day we were walking and saw a group of Jehovah's witnesses, turned the corner and saw some nuns as well. They were all really nice though. We see them everywhere and have talked with them many times. A lot of people here on the Island are really confused and looking for the truth. It's amazing to see someone feel the Spirit and begin to understand the truth.
We were teaching a family and this lady opens the door, walks in the room and starts talking to the members of the family. Elder S said the door shut behind her and he thought to himself, "Well, there goes the Spirit." That was pretty funny. The distractions sometimes while we are teaching are ridiculous. The adversary is real and is working as hard as he ever has before.
My comp and I are putting together a musical Fireside. It will be based on the youth theme for this year: "Come unto Christ." We're really excited for it and we've been practicing a few songs. I've learned a little bit on the Ukulele. My comp bought one. We sing everywhere we go, it's been awesome. There's been a lot of smiles in the streets because of our singing. We made up a sweet version of "I am a Child of God/ Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

Here's a Miracle:
We finished up English class and we were about to leave when two people walked in the church. They explained that they would like to start coming to the English classes. Then the girl whispered to her cousin. He said they would also like to hear our message. We said, "Of course." Within the hour we invited them to be baptized and they accepted. Their baptism is coming up soon. The Spirit can touch anyone's heart, it just needs to be in the right place at the right time. Sometimes these moments are presented to us, sometimes we need to dig to find them. The opportunities are always there though. We need to be worthy and to go out and find them! People are being prepared to hear your testimony. How many opportunities do we miss?
My comp is an amazing missionary and friend. We've had the best 2 weeks together. It's always funny when we are contacting someone in the street and in the middle of speaking Spanish we say English words to them on accident. We've busted up laughing a couple of times. Also, when we will be visiting our investigator, Wafa, in the morning and we say, "And in the mornin' we're visiting Wafa." Which sounds like, "And in the mornin' I'm making waffles," from Shrek. Anyway, yeah. Great times.
To close off this letter I want to share a little bit about the importance of receiving our own personal revelation. We need to put ourselves in positions to where God can prompt us and help us in our lives. Thoughts will come to our minds and revelation will come. We need to be in the right setting though. Nephi went into the mountains. Take advantage of those mountains you have in Utah. I miss them so much. Also, remember that Conference tells us what the Lord needs us to focus on for the next 6 months.

Love you all,

Elder Giforos

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Shelley Schwenke said...

Happy Birthday to Elder Giforos! Thanks for sharing Ria!