Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter

Lanzarote is the best!! We had a great week this week. On Thursday we had an activity at 6 in the morning. That's early even for a missionary. We went down to the beach with most of the ward and had a testimony meeting while the sun was rising. The spirit was there and the sunrise was beautiful. In Spanish it's called the Amanecer. Don't judge the spelling on that word, I speak the language, I don't write it often. Anyway, it was a great activity. We sang a version of "I am a Child of God" that we made up with my comp's uke. It was sweet.
This week with Easter and everything was Semana Santa. Apparently it's from the Catholic Church or something. Anyway, there weren't very many people out on the streets, luckily we still had plenty to do. It was interesting seeing all of the churches full on Sunday. Lot's of people are in the C&E club (Christmas and Easter). We sure had a full chapel on Sunday. My comp gave a talk on Faith in Jesus Christ. It was awesome.
Two of my old companions were together this last week for interexchanges. Elder Fonseca and Elder Hally. It was good to hear from them, they're doing work up in Madrid. I, myself, am going to do exchanges in Fuerteventura this week. I'm going to work with Elder Cahoon! I'm way excited to see him again.
I had the opportunity to give three baptism interviews this last week to an amazing family. The spirit was incredibly strong as we shared our testimonies of the gospel. I've noticed that the Gospel speaks to everyone. It doesn't matter about their personal background, level of understanding, or age. In 2 Nephi 31:3 it talks about how the Lord illuminates our minds with understanding and that the Gospel speaks to us in "languages" that we personally understand. I have definitely seen that on my mission.
I had a really spiritual experience this week that I'd like to share with all of you. I remember before my mission I had a dream. The dream was of me serving my mission and talking to a girl with a guitar who didn't believe in much but was friendly to us. Well I found that girl on Saturday.
We saw her playing her guitar and singing on the street. She had an amazing voice. We decided to go talk to her. She's from Scotland and she travels around to different parts of the world to play her music. Halfway through the conversation I remembered vividly the dream I had and that she was the girl.
Now we didn't go and baptize her in the ocean right then but this was incredible for me. That I had found this daughter of God in this moment that I had dreamt before my mission. She was leaving by boat in a couple hours so we shared our testimonies with her, left her with a card of Jesus Christ and she taped it on her guitar.
I left that moment smiling and with an increased testimony that I am in the right place in this time of my life. That the Lord has many great things in store for us. We just need to act and do our part.
I told my comp about my dream. Fist bump.
The Easter Bunny visited the missionaries this week. We went to our ward mission leaders house and there were little baskets left for us. I made a huge mistake. Without thinking and in front of their two little kids I asked, "Wow these chocolates are so good. Where did you buy them G?" She's the mom, and she looked at me with a face of "What are you thinking!?" Like she was about to end my life right there. Luckily... The kids didn't hear me. That was a close one. Hahahahahaha.
To close off the letter this week I wanted to share about something I heard from Glenn Beck. In his conversion story he talks about when he was at our church investigating and a man was talking about the concept of Zion. About how WE can make this world a happy place. Peace and love for all mankind. It starts when I love you and you and you and you and when you love me. When we can look past all the natural imperfections of human beings and just love each other. When we can serve willingly and unrecognized. When for once, someone else's happiness is maybe a little more important than ours. When we can see through the eyes of Jesus Christ for all mankind the world will change. It's possible and it starts with you.
I love Jesus Christ. The power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ heals people. The day will soon come when He embraces each of us and weeps because of the pure love He feels. Because we took His infinite sacrifice seriously and fixed our mistakes. We all started a Journey by coming here, let's finish it correctly.

I love you,

Elder Giforos

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