Monday, April 28, 2014

The Power of Prayer

Great great week. M, my convert from Oviedo.... Is in Provo!!! Send him a message on Facebook or something or call him and invite him to our ward! He would love that. He's so happy right now.
To answer your question about the boy and girl who came into English class, they are going to be baptized really soon. Their lives have completely changed. Someone in our ward offered the boy a job so that he can keep on living here on the island. He recognizes it as a blessing from God. We have become really close friends with the two of them.
We are looking forward to a few baptisms this weekend and the next! We are way excited and working hard against the adversary because he's rough sometimes. Especially with illnesses. We had a little problem with that this week. Friday night I was up puking my guts out. Didn't sleep very well that night... but! The best medicine is sports. So the next day we went and played basketball with some of our investigators and our 2nd counselor. It was good to play some ball, second time I've played on my mission. We found two amazing teenagers in the streets and invited them to play. We played with them and now they're new investigators. They can play too. One of them I'm sure would be accepted full ride to BYU to play ball. That's our goal with him. Baptized, BYU, Temple Marriage, Eternal Life. Great day of Basketball.
Something cool is that a lot of times people say I look like I'm from the Mediterranean. That's my Greek blood.
I took a boat over to Fuerteventura Wednesday morning for a companion exchange. I was with... Elder C! My old companion. It was awesome working with each other again. We had a special testimony during these few days of the power of prayer. We exercised this privilege thoroughly. Here's a few things that happened:
1. We needed to watch the Joseph Smith movie with one of their investigators. We didn't have it though. We were at the church so we decided to check online of course. Turns out the church Internet blocks all the sites that it would work on... She was minutes from arriving. We decided to pray. After, I scrolled way way way down the search page and clicked on a random link. The movie was there in Spanish and worked perfectly. The spirit was very strong in the lesson. God answers prayers.
2. A man we had called the night before was supposed to pick us up to take us to the harbor (so I could return to Lanzarote) at 8:30. 9 o'clock rolls around and he isn't answering his phone. We decided to pray. After, the man called us back and said he'd be there in 2 minutes he had just woken up. In the precise moment we had prayed the man had woken up. It was like "someone" woke him up because there was no alarm, he just woke up. I barely made my boat. God answers prayers.
The power and principle of Prayer is real. God listens to us and He wants to help us. We just need to ask him first.
In Fuerteventura, the last time as well, I met a man named Z. He is the Branch President and the Ward Mission Leader. He works all night in a bakery and all day with the missionaries and the ward. When does he sleep? He doesn't. He literally pushes himself and gives all the time he has to the Lord. This man sacrifices every inch of personal benefit to serve others. I found myself comparing this man to the prophets and stories of old. All of the amazing and bold things that people commonly did. Today these stories are rare. I feel that they need to occur more frequently. How often do we receive a prompting or we feel that we should do something but we don't? Maybe it appears crazy but who knows? Elder Bednar said, "How can we know whether our promptings are from the Lord or our own thoughts? We need to act and find out." Never ignore a prompting. If you feel like you should talk to someone, talk to them. If you feel like you should change something in your life, change it. If you just got home from work and you're tired, you want to rest, you take your shoes off, make a meal, turn on the TV, sit down on the couch and before the first bite you see your neighbor struggling to cut down a tree.... Get up and go help your neighbor! This life is so short and these simple sacrifices are what counts. Love the Lord enough to do the unordinary, to go the extra mile, to build people up who are weak in faith, to be a good person. Those who sacrifice for the Lord are in GREAT company. I don't think I need to name names of those great people. Let's be bold and give everything to the One who gave us everything.
I had a great time in Fuerteventura. I love Elder C and he is an amazing missionary. I'm grateful for him and his loving example to me.
Elder S and I are working hard. We see miracles everyday. The Lord fulfills His word always when we obey Him.
Like our Prophet said in the last conference: "The Lord has been so good to me and the people I love."

I love you guys,

Elder Giforos

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Andrea Cahoon said...

Elder c told us about the prayer experience this week as well. Thank you for keeping up to date on your blog". Elder c's mom Andrea Cahoon :)