Monday, June 30, 2014

I Love It!

From left to right: new companion Elder M, islands' district leader Elder F, Elder Giforos, and former trainer Elder A.
I'm in Barrio 1 now in the center of Madrid and I love it! Of course. My new companions name is Elder M and I love him! The Lord has seriously blessed me with all of the companions that I have had. I'm so grateful. Life in the city is different from life on the island. It's a bit hotter and a billion more people. It's been so awesome this last week though, I love working here already. The piso is new, nice and clean. The city is really pretty. The ward is huuuuge! Well... compared to what I'm used to. We had 121 people in church yesterday! Wow! President Jackson and his wife came to our sacrament meeting, it was great getting to see them. There are also about 5 teachers that I was friends with in the MTC in this ward. One of them is our ward mission leader! I'm super excited to get to work here. My district is amazing. Elder V (my best friend from Oviedo) is in my district. As well as his companion and 2 other sisters. It's me and 3 native Spanish speakers together most of the time, they get me laughing pretty hard.
Elder F and I arrived on Monday. I got to drop off Elder F with my trainer, Elder A! They are going to be companions for my trainers last transfer. It was so great getting to see him, an amazing missionary. My first week here was perfect. I met a whole ton of people (members and investigators) that I have already come to love. The people here are very genuine and unique, I've enjoyed the moments I've spent with them so far.
We visited a recent convert family from the Philippines who only speak English. I shared my favorite scripture with them, Alma 26:12 and testified of the influence God has had in my life as well as the there's. The Spirit was strong as I testified in what seemed like a native language to me: English. It's been a while since I've taught in English. It was amazing to see the Spirit light up there faces.
We have an investigator from the Dominican republic who is an amazing example to me. He lost his leg in an accident a couple of years ago but that doesn't stop him at all. He walks with a prosthetic leg like nobody's business and his faith is unbreakable. His whole family are members and he is almost there. He's an amazing man. They sure make me laugh as well. I love Dominicans.
We made some good friends with a sweet, funny, less active man named E. Good enough friends to help him move all of his furniture and stuff down 5 flights of stairs, about a quarter mile, up 4 flights of stairs into his new piso. We've been at it for about 3 days and we still have more to go! He sure does make us some good food though, he is actually a chef! Super amazing guy. I'm rolling laughing in his house too. I don't think I've laughed this much my whole mission.
Yesterday we were at his house and a huge bee came in the house and landed on my sleeve. I jumped up and was running around, screaming like a little girl while the other elders and E were dying laughing at me. After my little marathon I saw that it was still on my sleeve. The others were thinking of different ways to get it off when E comes up and sends it to the spirit world with a glass bottle. I went off jumping and running again, thinking it was still on my arm. Luckily it had died. Good times.
I've had some crazy Deja vu here and realized that I have dreamed a lot of the things that I have seen here so far. This is a testimony to me that I'm in the right place and at the right time. Also that the Lord is guiding me throughout my life. I know that if we're worthy and willing to act that the Lord will perform miracles through us and guide us.
Such a good week here in Madrid. I'm excited for the temple, comp exchange with Elder V and my Zone leader, and to work super hard this week! I love you all!
Elder Giforos

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