Monday, July 28, 2014

Indiana Jones Mission Prep

Training to detect "Bad Dates"?
Well, the end of another transfer is coming up. I'm thinking that most of us will be staying here in Barrio 1. Another good thing is that we get to go to the temple again! We had a good week full of teaching and finding new people. Recently we found a Filipino couple. They are amazing! The guy has been inactive for about 14 years. He was born into the church and actually wanted to serve a mission, but he had to come to Spain to support his family. He's about 30 but looks like he's my age! He was running one day and found our church building. He was so happy to find it. He came to church with his girlfriend and we started teaching them this last week. His girlfriend is really interested and they are such nice people. The first question this man asked me was, "Who is our living prophet now?!" They don't speak Spanish, just English, so I've had my hands full with translating. I love it though. They are the best!!

There was a ward activity on Saturday, it was a dance. Sadly not being able to dance I got to know a whole lot of members there. It's definitely different being in a ward with more than 100 people now. Before the activity we were setting up the event and I heard a huge crashing sound. I looked to see my comp under 12 tables with his leg propped up trying to hold them off of him. We ran and helped him. Dying from laughing we asked if he was ok and he couldn't stop laughing either. He seriously almost died though haha.

We had a crazy experience this week. We were walking in the street and this guy said to us, "Oye! ¿Ustedes son Mormons?" We started talking to him and he told us that he had a book from our church. We went to his house to check it out and it turned out that it said "Normon" instead of "Mormon." He started busting up laughing because of his mistake. He invited us to stay and talk a little bit with him and his friend. At this point I was thinking that things were kind of fishy... Then he brought out some fresh dates and water for us to eat and drink... I immediately thought about Indiana Jones when the dates he was about to eat were poison. So I waited for my comp to eat one first. My comp on the other hand thought the water was poisoned so he waited for me to drink the water first. He ate the date and I drank the water not knowing what each of us were thinking. We both would have died haha. Anyway they weren't poisoned and this guy is actually really cool. He is from Venezuela but he looks exactly like Gandhi. Everything about him looks like Gandhi. I even asked him if anyone has ever told him he looks like Gandhi and he said yes. His friend that was there was a little crazy in the head but a super funny guy. We ended up teaching them a little bit about our message. Then another one of their friends came in.. A big, tall, skinny, scary looking, big eyed Armenian. He had Albert Einstein hair and was freaking me out. It didn't help when the other crazy guy said, "This is our friend! He's killed 300 people.... He served during the war." It was an interesting experience, but in the end we all turned out best friends and we're actually going back tomorrow to continue teaching them. I've found that miracles sometimes come in different forms, not always what we expect.

We visited a recent convert family last night. I love singing hymns with them because their little girl screams them at the top of her lungs, it's hilarious. I also had a staring contest with one of their sons. We went for so long the tears literally started to drip out of his eyes. We were laughing so hard from the pain that I finally stopped and he beat me. That was funny.

I've found a new favorite scripture. D&C 121:34, many are called but few are chosen. Read the rest of this chapter. It's very interesting and true. Many of us are called by the Lord but how many of us actually act on this calling? How many of us use the Priesthood that we are given? How many of us magnify our callings? How many of us sacrifice our personal needs to bless the lives of others? All of this depends on whether we are chosen or not. We work out our own personal salvation. I love everybody. Have a great week!

Elder Giforos

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