Monday, July 7, 2014

Miracles Are Real

Elder Giforos and his District.
Mrs. Collier (his High School Spanish teacher) and Elder Giforos

Well miracles are real. Such a great week this last week. We finally finished moving all of the furniture and stuff out of that member's piso into a new one. Boy was that a lot of work. I don't ever want to pick up another couch again. We did it though. Apart from the washing machine exploding everything was good... I was pulling it back to look at the pipes behind it when the tubes exploded and water starting spraying everywhere. Finally found the water switch and fixed all the pipes up again. It's all good.
I got to go on companion exchanges twice this week. First on Tuesday I went with Elder V (my best friend from Oviedo). We had a great day together and passed through some good memories. The second was with my zone leader Elder I. His first name is Moroni! We had a super successful day working with the members and found some amazing people in the streets. He's a super big guy, like a giant! I forgot to take a picture with him but I'll get one soon. We got to spend the 4th of July together. While I was there in Barrio 5 I got to know a member named C, really well. He served in the armed guard for 26 years in Cuba. He was a general and fought in fighter planes. He fought a lot in Africa. In the times of Castro, C rebelled against what he was commanding them to do and they exiled him to Spain. Leaving him with absolutely nothing. He found the church a year ago and it changed his life. He's a super hard working, real true grit kind of guy. Super funny too. Every time he's tempted to smoke he pulls out a little twig that he has and puts it in his mouth like a cigarette.
Wednesday I went to the temple for the first time in almost a year. It had been too long. I enjoyed it so much and loved every minute of it. I walked in the front door, turned around and saw my teacher that taught me Spanish for 3 years at American Fork High School. What!? What a blessing that was to see her and actually be able to talk to her in Spanish for the first time. I hope she was impressed. We had our district meeting next to the temple that day and felt a really special spirit.
My comp's birthday was on Thursday and we had a great time. The sisters made him a cake and the members showered us with food. He's 19 now. I love my comp so much. He makes me laugh so hard, I've been dying laughing lately. Every day is always a great day. He's from Ecuador but he moved to Barcelona about 4 years ago. He's got a super strong spirit about him and knows how to have fun. I've been teaching him English, we had a fun time learning the ABC's song this morning. We've been enjoying our time together.
We visited an inactive member the other day. My companion told me that he's really rough to work with. I had never met him before. During our lesson I felt a real connection to him like I've known him before. The Spirit bore such a powerful testimony through me to him. I watched as his eyes filled with tears. I felt the Spirit so strong, it was amazing.
We had a great time at church yesterday. Our Filipino investigator came to church and I got to translate the whole sacrament meeting for him. My first time! Spanish people speak so fast, I feel like I did good though.
We had the opportunity to give three blessings yesterday too. It was really was a week full of spiritual experiences... Just like every other week on the mission.
Well, today's Pday and I'm happy. I hope you all have a great week this week and remember that I love you!

Elder Giforos

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