Monday, July 21, 2014


Museum in Toledo

"It's not the quantity of the miles but the quality that counts."

We started the week off right by going to KFC with one of our investigators, M and his family. They're amazing people. I have such a strong relationship with them already, the Gospel really brings us close together. M and I especially get along because he's Dominican, and... he's obsessed with basketball. I could talk to that guy for days! We played basketball with him and about 100 of his Dominican friends. They are a hilarious group of people. M was a war hero in Afghanistan and served on the front line. He's got a great heart. The desire I have for him to have an eternal family is immense.

We watched the movie about the life of Thomas S. Monson in a family home evening this week with a couple of our investigators. I had never seen that movie and I loved it! (By the way, there are a couple of scenes in that movie where it shows the inside of a church. It looks exactly like my ward's church. Is it?) I know that he is a prophet of God and he is living an amazing life. I've been studying a lot about the lives of each of the prophets since Joseph Smith. Mainly in the book titled, "Our Heritage." I've learned so much. Truly inspired men.

My comp has a girlfriend. I've spent our time together listening to him talking about her and singing songs haha. I love that elder so much. We've become really good friends. Another brother. I've laughed so much with him over this last little while. Good times on the mission.

We had our zone meeting this last Wednesday. It was interesting not being behind a camera this time. I saw a lot of my good friends that I've made throughout the mission and learned a lot from our zone leaders. We set a lot of goals as a zone and so far they've been working pretty well. I suggested that as a zone we need to be better on how we Follow Up. With commitments and checking on the people we teach. We've seen some really good results so far and an increase in the work. It's so exciting to be a part of the Lord's work.

Working in Madrid is Life in the City. It's crazy and fast paced here. Everything is super spread out so we use the Metro and Buses a lot. I've ran so much here to make it to appointments and to make it home on time. That's good though because I gained 5 kilos in the islands. I'm back to normal now don't worry. Today actually I was joking about how I think I'm fatter now with Elder Vasquez (I taught this Elder English in Oviedo and here and he almost speaks fluently now) and he told me, "Are you kidding? You look like a model!" Never gotten that before.

We've had really really amazing success with the less active and inactive people here. So many have come back to church and the Spirit has once again touched their lives. My love for the members here grows so much every day. I love the people of Spain (South America, pretty much every type of person in the world is here.) I've made a lot of Filipino friends here too. They love the "white missionaries" haha. They are a loving, hilarious, and simple people.

Starting Sunday morning off right we went to church and were inspired. An old Dominican lady bore a powerful testimony about the temple and eternal marriage. She shared how her husband had passed away and while tears streamed down her face she testified about how she knows she will be with him again. I love this Gospel. A member from a different ward in Madrid called us the other day and told us that he would like to ask us to start teaching his dad who lives in our area. We went with the son to his dad's house and we had an amazing lesson with him. They've had a bad relationship because of divorce and some hard times. The Dad said something that really brought in a sweet spirit though. He said, "I'm grateful for your message not only because I feel that it's true but because it's brought my son back to me." Tearing up a little, I felt the Spirit so strong. The Gospel blesses families. We ended this amazing Sunday with a loud and hilarious dinner with some recent converts. A return missionary had come back to Spain with her FiancĂ© to visit Barrio 1. We had dinner with them and their converts (who we're visiting now). A great night and way to end the week.

We went to Toledo today! Beautiful city! We met a ton of Americans there, a few members too. We went to a lot of sword and medieval shops. As well as a "Torture Instrument Museum" It was way cool and disgusting. Great Pday.

I love all of you!
Remember, "The Kingdom of God or Nothing." -John Taylor

Elder Giforos

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