Monday, August 25, 2014

Elevator Mishaps

Family! (Glad everyone is alive by the way.)

What a great week... Like every week!
We've been working hard and seeing the many blessings from it. You're going to enjoy my stories today. So, my area is huge. I'm just about there with knowing the whole area and all the people we're teaching. The Lord has blessed my mind so much to be able to remember a million things. I really enjoy working in the city, everything's fast paced and keeps us very busy.

On Friday I had the opportunity to have a companion exchange with my old comp, Elder H, from Lanzarote. It was awesome being able to work with him again and catch up on old times in the island.
We had a very crazy day though...

First, for lunch we went to a new "American" restaurant called the, "Good Burger." They had some good burgers! I was surprised. Even more surprised when Elder H told me that it was his first burger he had ever eaten in his life from a restaurant. HIS WHOLE LIFE. I sat there with my mouth hanging open for a little bit. He loved it. There's a first time for everything.

Second, we went to teach his super prepared investigator who is going to be baptized this Saturday! He made a statement about how the Lord requires that we make sacrifices from time to time. (Suggesting that we have moments where we need to be obedient even when it isn't easy.) Elder H understood differently and said, "Wait... Like... Animal Sacrifices?.. No!!" We had a good laugh over that.

Last and definitely not least, we got stuck in an elevator. While leaving from an appointment we got into an elevator 6 floors above the ground. It started going down but only went down a floor and a half. The doors opened and we saw half of a solid concrete wall and the other half, the door. We pushed the half of the door and it was locked. We pushed the buttons. We looked at each other and realized that we were stuck and there was nothing we could do about it.
My first instinct was to take a picture. Elder H´s was to panic. Once I got a good picture I made comments like, "We're breathing in all the oxygen" and "Wow, we are 5 stories above the ground" just to ease the tension a little bit.

After suffering a long period of 5 minutes we heard someone walking by the door and we asked him for help. He didn't say anything to us but something he did made the elevator return to normal and take us to the 4th floor. We immediately looked to see who had opened the door to thank him... but no one was there. We heard no door shut, he didn't pass us on the way down, and he was walking the other direction than the stairs to go to the 6th floor. 

I'm not saying anything... but I think we had one of those "3 Nephites" experiences.

Great companion exchange.

We had a crazy Sunday running around to get everyone to church. One of our Cuban investigators, who has been before, only made it to the last 5 minutes of church because she has to travel really far. We met with her after to teach a lesson. She had set her own baptism date for January 17th, choosing that day because it is the birthday of her first child who passed away. We figured out that she had thought that being baptized that day would count as a baptism for her child as well. We explained how her child immediately had been accepted into the heavens because he had passed away with only being one years old. (Before the age of 8) Her eyes filled with tears as she understood what we taught her and as she felt the Spirit testify to her that these things were true. The look of joy and hope in her tear filled eyes I will never forget. She is going to be baptized on September 6th and she knows that she will be with her son again someday.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect. 

I love you all,

Elder Giforos

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