Monday, September 1, 2014

Thankful in Our Circumstances

Former comps and current comp.
What a great week! I have to start from the beginning. Our Cuban investigator is still on date for this Saturday. We are so excited for her, she is amazing! It's been a privilege to take part in her conversion process.

We met another sweet Cuban guy this last week. First off, I've talked about a Cuban member who was a Colonel in the Cuban army with Castro but rebelled against him and was exiled to Spain? Then while he had plans to return to Cuba, he met the sister missionary and completely changed his life? Anyway, we were with him in the street contacting and we met a guy named C, from Cuba, the same age as the other C, and pretty much looks looks like him too. It was a crazy experience.
He's the coolest guy! He has a crazy life story and he's a Taekwondo teacher! He's really interested in the Gospel as well and we're excited to teach him. I'm excited to learn some Taekwondo too.

On Thursday we had a Zone conference in Pavones (where the temple and MTC are) with 3 zones in Madrid. It was great to see all my good buddies and old companions. We learned a lot from our President and his wife. We talked a lot about looking for the "chosen" or "prepared" people, which are: Those who listen and do not harden their hearts. We need to focus on finding these people and waste no time! I know that anyone's heart can be changed by the power of the Holy Spirit though. Anyone could be ready, we just have to reach out and see if they are. Share the Gospel with everyone!

We learned a little bit about India's and China's cultures this week.
1. A woman shared with us about how they pray in India. It's basically a song, pretty cool.
2. We found a Chinese woman who is very interested in the Church. She was puzzled and amazed by a question I asked her, "Do you believe that there is a God?" Very interesting lesson but she is so prepared!

In our ward there are 3 families from Utah. They're very young and are studying here in Spain. One of the families invited us over for dinner and we had a great time with them. I loved it because I got to play with their two little daughters (ages 6 and 3). We cooked food, braided a doll's hair, and built a castle. It was a blast. The imagination of a little child is amazing and hilarious. This family reminded me a lot about Utah, especially the food!

Life is good and the work is better. I've been so happy over this last year and everything just keeps getting better and better. One thing I've learned is from something that President Uchtdorf said, "Instead of being thankful for things, we can focus on being thankful in our circumstances --- Whatever they may be."

I love you!
Elder Giforos

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