Monday, September 15, 2014

What a Small World

Elder D on his way home.
Transfers! Well, my companion finished his mission and I sent him off to the mission home this morning. My new comp is coming in 4 hours... From the Islands... It's Elder G!!(One of my best friends from the MTC) What a miracle!

I remember him telling me in the MTC that we would be companions someday, he was right! He's from Orange County (I think), California and he's an amazing missionary. So excited to work with him, especially as Zone Leaders!

Elder D and I had a great last week together. We found a ton of new prepared people and the work is absolutely amazing here!

Starting the week off we had an apartment inspection by the couple missionaries called the R's. They're awesome and from Utah. Talking to Sister R I shortly found out that her granddaughter is a friend I knew from High School. What a small world.

We met with a guy named E this last week and he opened up to us about a lot of the trials that he is having in his life. We listened and talked to him for about an hour. We simply asked him towards the end about why he thinks we serve missions. He said something that I'll never forget, "You serve because you care and love others, if you didn't care you would have left a half hour ago."

Following my Dad's example, I've gotten to know two amazing Brazilians here. One of them is W. He loves Elvis Presley and has the sideburns too. He's a great guy and I've loved learning about the Brazilian culture.

Also, we have a new investigator who is from Brazil as well. She is an awesome young girl and very prepared to hear the message of the Gospel. What I love about the both of them is their accents. Half Spanish, half Portuguese. It's great.

The members here sure do feed us a ton. A Filipino woman took us to a Buffet and they had THE best meat there. I tried "Suckling Pig" and FINALLY I ate a really really good steak. 3 actually. ha ha. The cook knew exactly where I was from, we got along really well. He actually wants to hear about the Gospel too!

Something that I was studying this week is found in Proverbs 6:17-19. It talks about 6 things that our Heavenly Father strongly dislikes. The following are (in the order of the scriptures):

1. Pride

2. Lies

3. Murder

4. Hardheartedness

5. Gossip

6. Disputations (It says amongst "Brethren" which I interpret as the "Family")

We need to avoid these sins. Some of them are so easy to commit. If we are always thinking of our perfect example, Jesus Christ, staying away from these things will be a lot easier.

Elder Giforos

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