Monday, December 29, 2014


He's still the same crazy boy!
Well, we had a white Christmas here in Madrid!! No snow, but D was baptized and confirmed this last weekend. We couldn't be happier right now. He's such a solid guy. So much happened over these last two weeks I don't even know where to start...

The work is coming along really well. I love being in Madrid so much! I've been in the same area for 5 months and I never want to leave. I have had some incredible companions and memories in this area. I've come across so many good people too. The Lord has truly blessed me to be able to meet incredible people.

Last Sunday someone pretty cool was in town. David Archuleta. Have you heard of him? He's a great guy. He did a concert/fireside on Sunday and the next day did a special devotional for all the missionaries in Madrid. There were about 100 of us there and the spirit was incredible. His Spanish was way good and his voice even better! The guy has an incredible God given talent, we were all blown away. Especially when he sang "Glorious" from the new movie "Meet the Mormons." After the fireside we each had the opportunity to shake his hand and talk to him a little bit. When I spoke to him he said my name perfectly! First try! He seemed pretty happy about that when I told him how rare that was. 

We received an awesome Christmas present from our President and his wife. While they were in Jerusalem, before their mission, they decided to buy a big bottle of olive oil. They then went to the Garden Tomb (where Jesus Christ Himself was buried) and President Jackson consecrated the oil right next to the door of the tomb. For Christmas, they gave each of us a little portion of that consecrated oil. Wow.

For Christmas Eve we were invited over to a Filipino member's house to eat dinner. She is an incredible cook and we all had a great time together there. One of the Elders in our district has a Ukulele so we sang a few Christmas songs together. The spirit was so sweet. The next was Christmas... Let me spell out everything we did from the beginning:

Elder Dougher and I woke up and opened Christmas presents. After we made Peach Cobbler for breakfast and I decided to put on my Elf costume (I'll send a picture. I'd been waiting a whole year for the perfect moment to wear that suit). We then went and ate an awesome breakfast with a member. We decided to go ice skating and it was a blast! Incredibly no one was hurt.. Except for Elder Giforos of course. I wasn't injured or anything but I was going a little too fast and I tried to do a jump. I ate it and the blade of my skate cut through my pants. Luckily it didn't slice my calve open. That would have been bad. We then went to visit an American family in our ward. They invited us over to skype with our families and then eat dinner with them. Best Christmas ever! W and J came with us and seemed to enjoy talking to our families. W, our Brazilian friend, loved talking to my dad in Portuguese. He kept saying, "Wow, he speaks Portuguese so well! Wow!" Good job dad. To finish the night off we went to visit our 75 year old Spanish friend. His wife passed away this year and he was all alone for Christmas. We decided to go visit with him, sing some Christmas hymns and eat chocolate together. It felt really good to see a huge smile on that man's face. That was a Christmas memory that will last forever.

I would love to write so much more but I have no time! I love all of you and I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Elder Giforos

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