Monday, January 19, 2015

Farewell Madrid

Hey! I'm in Galicia now! I got transferred up to Pontevedra, which is at the very top left corner of Spain. Right over Portugal! I left at 7 this morning and got here around 2:30 this afternoon. The trip was long but beautiful. I'm happy happy happy. My new comp's name is Elder Regehr and he's awesome! He's from Sandy, Utah and has been on his mission about 8 months. Great Elder. I'm so pumped to be up in the north again. There's just a different feel. The air smells all.... Oceany. I'm sure I'll be eating a ton of seafood up here. Yipee! The branch here is a small one of about 20 members. From what I've heard so far they sound awesome. There aren't too many missionaries up here either, we're actually the only 2 in this city. There's like 16 missionaries in our whole zone up here! Lot's of ocean and beautiful green scenery. (I'll get some good pics for next week.)

Wow. It was real hard leaving Madrid though. I realized how many best friends I had made down there. I know I'll see all of them real soon though. 

We baptized C and G this last week :) I baptized C on Friday and our recent convert, J, baptized G on Saturday. (G expressed in his testimony, after his baptism, how before his life was just a "Land Rover" and now it's a "BUGATTI"!!) There was a really strong spirit in those 2 programs.
Sunday was probably the best day ever. I really felt what true joy is. Two of my best friends, J and D, blessed the sacrament (it was D's first time), we confirmed C and G, C's dad passed the sacrament (their whole family has become active now. The dad, R, came up to me and thanked me after the baptism of his son with tears in his eyes. I felt the spirit so strongly), and we saw many investigators in church that day. The work of the Lord is hastening in Spain and I'm so glad that I can put all my effort into it.

We went to a Greek restaurant this last week and the food was actually pretty good. I wanted a Gyro so I asked the guy if they had Lamb and he looked at me like, "What??"... It was kind of awkward. I thought for sure a Greek restaurant would have lamb. They should anyway. The Baklava was really good though. It was a nice blast to the past for me. I miss Greek food so much! And my relatives! I'm still working on trying to learn a little bit of Greek as well. Just picking at that Alphabet, it's really hard.

Well I don't have too much time today because it's a shorter P-day (travel time). I have a lot of pictures! I'll talk to you all next week.
Love you guys,

Elder Giforos

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