Wednesday, August 17, 2016

England Day 3: The Roman Baths and The Pump Room

We walked to town that morning and went straight to the Roman Baths. It was my favorite thing we did while in Bath. The museum is incredible because it is the Roman Baths themselves, which are the most amazing ruin restored I've ever seen. After our self guided audio tour we ate lunch at the Pump Room which is a must while in Bath. The Georgian time period is well preserved and you can almost feel yourself thrusted back in time or into a Jane Austen novel.

Next we toured the Abbey and saw the stained glass window of my ancestor Edgar I "the peaceable" King of England who was crowned in that very church.

Then we went over to Pultney Park and walked around. After that I dropped Diana off at the spa and I took my first ever taxi by myself back to the Bed and Breakfast and napped a little with the windows open and the birds chirpping softly, it was blissful. This day we had the best weather of the whole trip. We couldn't believe how sunny and warm it was and the Brits kept warning us to enjoy it while it lasted.
Later I met Diana for dinner at Tilley's. It was a pleasant meal.

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