Friday, January 6, 2017

England Day 4: Stonehenge and Thornbury Castle

Thursday was the hardest day of this trip for me. I started feeling sick the day before but chalked it up to jet lag. By Wednesday night it was clear that I had the stomach flu. I kept hoping it would just go away and luckily I came prepared with some Imodium. But the acute nausea became so bad this morning I thought I was going to die. Looking back I realize I probably should have gone to the doctor, but I was determined to be brave and go on our tour to Stonehenge that morning. It was prepaid and I didn't want to let my sister down. She was the one who convinced me to prebook this tour. I thought Stonehenge was overrated. Boy was I wrong. Stonehenge is A-Maz-ing! As soon as I boarded our bus I started feeling better. Our tour guide was great and we drove through the villages and saw lots of thatched cottages and countryside on our way. Stonehenge is in the middle of nowhere with nothing surrounding it. The museum is small but very informative. There is much more excavating to do in the area and hopefully they will uncover more of the mysteries of this ancient site.

We had a blast running around Stonehenge! We had to run just to keep warm. It was rainy, windy and cold.
After returning to our hotel to get our luggage, we took a car that we had hired to Thornbury Castle. When we arrived, we were blown away. It was really a 16th century castle! In fact, Henry VIII had stayed here on his honeymoon with Anne Boleyn. We had an incredible room, but the bathroom was to die for with a giant clawfoot tub and waterfall shower. And a real Crapper! Sorry I can't find a picture of it but it was the toilet invented by a guy named Crapper. The first toilets, I believe. Anyway the bathroom was bigger than the bedroom. This was the worst night of the trip, but I did sleep through the night without getting up. While my sister dined on an eight course gourmet dinner, I gingerly tried some chicken soup. Even that was hard to get down. In the morning I had room service and Diana had a fabulous breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs in the dining room. Sad face!

Outside of the castle.

Inside Thornbury Castle.

The entrance to the hotel in the castle.

Our rad bathroom!

Me trying not to look sick.

The library where we had our drinks (Ginger Ale, I believe) before they took us into the dining room for dinner.

I survived the worst night of my life! Beautiful courtyard and gardens.

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