Tuesday, January 10, 2017

England Day 5: Back to Bath

On Friday morning we drove back to Bath. This time we stayed closer to the center of town and the walking was on nice flat surfaces. It was lovely. I was still feeling quite sick this day and we walked a lot around town, but I hung in there. We visited the Fashion Museum, The Assembly Rooms, The Circus and The Royal Crescent and No. 1 House (Georgian era home). They were all so interesting and well done. We ate lunch at a French Bistro and the chef made me some plain mashed potatoes and chicken. It was so good! Usually by afternoon I could eat a little lunch and dinner, although not much. I slept really good that night.

The Royal Crescent, beautiful Georgian architecture.

Diana looking cool crossing the street in the Circus, which is a circle of Georgian Era townhouses.

Bath is known for it's beautiful flowers.

A Doll House exhibit next to No. 1 House. The museum was full of them but photography was prohibited. We didn't realize that until after we took this picture.

The Assembly Rooms, where all the best balls were held.

Can I just say this dress was really heavy and uncomfortable!

Diana didn't care for hers either. We were actually laughing hysterically!
I don't even want to imagine what this was like.

My middle son's name is William, so we thought this was cute.

The Bowling Green next to our Bed and Breakfast, The Arlington.

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