Wednesday, January 11, 2017

England Day 6: The Cotswolds Tour and Sleep

By Saturday I was still waking up really nauseated. I decided I needed to stay in bed and give my body a break. Tomorrow we were leaving for London and I was sick of being sick! I knew I needed to rest today. So Diana left for our all day Cotswold Tour by herself. It was a beautiful sunny day and she had fun in the countryside and even made friends with a lady who was from San Francisco who was touring England by herself. I tried some ginger tea for breakfast and then went back to bed for the rest of the day. I slept, read, looked at Facebook, texted my sister in Texas and snacked a little on granola bars. It was exactly what I needed and saved the rest of the trip for me. Luckily I did see a few thatched roof houses and cute villages as we drove through the countryside the last few days, so I didn't feel too bad missing out, but I'd really like to come back someday and see the Cotswolds. That night when Diana came back I was feeling pretty good and we went out for Tapas.

The Cotswolds

More slate roof homes than thatched.

Some estate they stopped at.

Our last evening in Bath.

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